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You can utilize the Mass Distribute Tool to replace various values in multiple billing profiles efficiently. This is useful when you want to replace multiple emails, addresses, cards, and other areas of your profile.

Setup & Recommendations

Mass Distribute

1. Navigate to the Profiles section in Profile Builder under Profiles. This section has an icon that looks like a book with a person on it titled Profiles when you hover over it.

2. Select the Profiles you want to mass distribute info to in the table.

3. Click on the Tools button at the top right of the view or right-click on the table and click on Tools. This will bring up the Tools dialog for Profiles. Select the Mass Distribute option and then click the Start button. Alternatively, you can click the Edit button and then the Mass Distribute button.

4. The Mass Distribute dialog will appear. Input your list of data in the Values field. Input one value per line.

5. Specify if you want to update the billing address, shipping address, or both sections of the profiles with the Update Billing/Shipping Address checkboxes.

6. If you provide fewer values than selected profiles, the same values will be distributed to multiple profiles. A dialog will appear confirming you want to continue.

7. You can mass distribute new card information across your profiles. Refer to the image below for proper formatting examples.

8. After configuring the dialog, click the Save button. Your Profiles will now contain the newly distributed data.


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