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Generating Virtual Cards allows you to automate the otherwise manual process of creating virtual cards to build unique profiles.

Setup & Recommendations

  • Before generating virtual cards, you need to add your Provider Credentials to Profile Builder. After adding Profile Credentials, you can begin to start Generating Virtual Cards or Importing Existing Cards.
  • Profile Builder supports generation for Privacy, Stripe, Capital One, Citi, Tradeshift Go, Divvy, and Extend virtual cards.

Generating Virtual Cards

1. Navigate over to the Virtual Cards section of Profile Builder in Profiles. This section has the credit card icon titled Virtual Cards when you hover over it.

2. Click on the File button at the top left of the view, then click Create.

3. Select the Virtual Card Provider from the dropdown and click Next.


4. The Generate Virtual Cards dialog will have options that reflect those on the virtual card provider's website. After you have configured those options, click Generate.


5. The operation will start, and the status will be displayed in the top right of Profile Builder under the clock. You can check on the status of all jobs at any time by clicking on the current status text in the top right.


Generating Virtual Cards enables you to use the other Tools available in Profile Builder to do things like Creating New Profiles, Locking and Unlocking Cards, and Deleting From Providers where supported.

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