Profile Builder - Virtual Cards - Adding Provider Credentials


Adding Provider Credentials is the first step in automating generating and importing your virtual cards to Profile Builder. It will greatly improve the speed and ability to create or update your profiles and help you manage them by enabling the ability to lock and unlock them.

Setup & Recommendations

  • Before generating virtual cards, you need to add your Provider Credentials to Profile Builder. After adding Profile Credentials, you can begin to start Generating Virtual Cards or Importing Existing Cards.
  • Profile Builder supports generation for Privacy, Stripe, Capital One, Citi, Tradeshift Go, Divvy, and Extend virtual cards.

Adding Provider Credentials


1. Navigate over to the Provider Credentials section of Profile Builder in Profiles. This section has the Profile Picture icon titled Provider Credentials when you hover over it.

2. Click on the Create button at the top left of the view.

3. Select the Virtual Card Provider from the dropdown and click Next.

4. The Provider dialog will change depending on what is required. All of them will require a Nickname for the credentials, and most will require the username and password of your account on the provider. Stripe will require a Secret Key.


5. If successful, the credentials will be added to the table below.


Adding your Provider Credentials to Profile Builder will enable you to Generate and Import Virtual Cards, an important step in building profiles.

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