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AutoCheckout is in the second tab of Spoof, and focuses on providing you with tools to enhance your Nike SNKRS usage experience. The latest tool we have added to AutoCheckout is the Validate Address Jig. This tool can help you determine how likely your jigged address is to pass the SNKRS checkout filtering.

Using Validate Address Jig | Validate Address Results

Using Validate Address Jig

Using Validate Address Jig is easy. Once you have your SNKRS task created with an account and the billing profile with the address you want to check assigned to the task, you can begin.

  1. Have Nike SNKRS tasks created under the AutoCheckout tab of Spoof.
  2. Select the tasks that have the accounts you want to check assigned to them, and then go to Account Tools > Validate Address Jig > Selected or All.

Once started, Spoof will check the address on Nike using the Billing Profile assigned to the Nike SNKRS Task, and after it is complete, it will display a status message based on the results of the validation check.

Validate Address Results

Jig Not Detected: This means that your jigged address is likely to pass Nike SNKRS address filtering. While it is still possible they may detect it, receiving this result means it is unlikely.

Potential Jig Detected: This means that your jigged address is unlikely to pass Nike SNKRS address filtering. While it is possible that this address may still go undetected, it is recommended that you update the jigged address using a different jig.

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