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What are AutoSolve AI Keys?

AutoSolve AI Keys allow you to utilize the power of AutoSolve AI directly within bots that support it rather than using it through OneClick. This feature simplifies your setup for supported bots by no longer requiring an Access Token and API Key in your bot, instead just requiring the AutoSolve AI Key generated from within OneClick. While it can make setup easier, there are different rate limits that apply when using it. We recommend using AutoSolve AI through OneClick, as OneClick is optimized for AutoSolve AI and is not subject to the same rate limits. You can read more about AutoSolve AI here


  • In order to generate AutoSolve AI Keys, you will need to have a Toolbox, AutoSolve, and AutoSolve AI subscription.
  • Have OneClick 2.6.7 or newer in order to generate a key.

Generating an AutoSolve AI Key & Using It

Generating an AutoSolve AI Key is very straightforward:

  1. Open OneClick and navigate to the AutoSolve view. 
  2. At the top, click on Generate AutoSolve AI Key. This will open the dialog where you can copy your AutoSolve AI Key to your clipboard, see the active time remaining, and reset the key. It is important to note that AutoSolve AI Keys are only valid for 7 days after it's been generated. After the time expires it will need to be regenerated from OneClick.
  3. Read through the dialog and click Copy AutoSolve AI Key when you are ready. You should keep this Key secure, it cannot be invalidated, and will only be disabled after the key has expired.
  4. The bot you are using should have a place for your AutoSolve AI Key, paste the copied key into that field and save. If you are using the AutoSolve AI Key, ensure that you remove your Access Token and API Key from that bot so that the two systems are not conflicting.

When using AutoSolve AI it is important to remember the following:

  • AutoSolve AI Keys expire every 7 days. You will need to replace this Key anywhere you are using it after it expires. 
  • Keep your AutoSolve AI Keys secure, resetting your old key does not invalidate it, and it can still be used until the keys expiry date.
  • You should not have your Access Token and API Key in the same bot you are using AutoSolve AI Keys with. 
  • Whenever possible, we recommend using AutoSolve AI inside of OneClick. We have optimized OneClick for AutoSolve AI and it is not subject to the same rate limits put in place for AutoSolve AI Keys.


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