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What is AutoSolve AI Desktop?

AutoSolve AI Desktop is an extension of AutoSolve AI that brings the reliable solving ability of AutoSolve AI to any challenge visible on your screen. This will allow you to harness the power of AutoSolve AI in browsers where the AutoSolve AI Extension isn't available.

Requirements | Enable/Disable | Using AutoSolve AI Desktop


  • In order to use AutoSolve AI Desktop, you will need to have a Toolbox, AutoSolve, and AutoSolve AI Subscription.
  • Be running OneClick 2.6.4 or newer.


In order to Enable AutoSolve AI Desktop:

1. Open OneClick and go to the AI section, and then to the AI Desktop tab. This tab has an icon that looks like a computer monitor.  

2. To enable AutoSolve AI, select at least one screen from the connected screens listed there.

3. After you select a screen, click Enable AutoSolve AI Desktop.

On macOS once a challenge is visible, you will see a prompt to enable certain system permissions. You must follow the prompts and enable the permissions for the Toolbox before AutoSolve AI Desktop can solve challenges.

To Disable AutoSolve AI Desktop, you can unselect the selected screens or use the Disable button.

Using AutoSolve AI Desktop

After you have enabled AutoSolve AI Desktop on a screen, any challenge that is fully visible and unobstructed on the screen will attempt to be solved one at a time after your mouse has been idle for longer than 1 second. You can use this to solve challenges in Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or any other place where you may receive a visible reCaptcha v2 challenge.


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