AutoSolve AI - Getting Started Guide

What is AutoSolve AI?

AutoSolve AI is a new backup solving method for your one-click accounts and will allow AutoSolve to solve captchas automatically using AI right in your browser. In addition to the OneClick browser, we are extending the power of AutoSolve AI to Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge through the AutoSolve AI Extension.

You need both a subscription for the AYCD Toolbox and AutoSolve before you will be able to purchase and use AutoSolve AI.

Setting up AutoSolve AI

  1. Once you purchase AutoSolve AI, restart OneClick and go into the AutoSolve section.
  2. Under AutoSolve you should see AI Solve at the top of the table in the middle of this section. You will also see it in the status bar along the bottom, showing Companion/AI Status.
  3. Click on the selected checkbox to add it as a backup service, then start a OneClick account with AutoSolve and let AI Solve get to work solving the captcha challenges you get!


Once AutoSolve AI is enabled, you will have some additional settings under AutoSolve Settings.

Max Requests Per Challenge For AI Solve: This will determine the maximum number of requests that will be used to solve a Captcha before displaying Manual Solve Required.

Enable AI Solve when testing accounts for one-clicks: This toggle will enable you to use AI Solve to complete captchas you may get when testing your accounts for one-clicks.

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