AutoSolve AI Extension - Getting Started Guide

What is the AutoSolve AI Extension?

AutoSolve AI is a browser extension that allows you to harness the power of AutoSolve AI in your own Chrome browser! It connects directly to AutoSolve AI so you do not have to have OneClick open in order to use it. It is only available to those with an active AutoSolve AI subscription. 

Installation | Extension Controls | Updating AutoSolve AI Extension


In order to install and use the AutoSolve AI extension you need to make sure that you meet a few requirements.

  • That you are using or have installed a Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome or Wavebox.
  • Toolbox, AutoSolve, and AutoSolve AI subscriptions.

With those requirements met, you can begin to install and use the AutoSolve AI Extension.

  1. Download the AutoSolve AI Extension from the AYCD Toolbox.
  2. Once you have downloaded the AutoSolve AI Extension pressing the start button will open the folder where the extension has been downloaded to. You can leave this window open so that you can quickly get the folder path when you need it later. 
  3. In your Chromium based browser go to Chrome Settings > More Tools > Extensions or go directly to chrome://extensions/.
  4. From this page use to Toggle to turn on Developer Mode. This will allow you to load extensions not found on the Chrome Web Store into your browser for you to use. Depending on the browser you are using it may be in a different location, but the name should not be changed from Developer mode.
  5. After you enable Developer Mode it will show some new buttons on the left. Click on Load Unpacked. 
  6. This will open a window asking you to select the directory of the extension. You can navigate to the Toolbox app folder manually, or copy the path from the window that shows when you press the play button. Click on the folder autosolve-ai-chrome-extension and then press Select Folder.
  7. With that complete, the extension should be successfully installed! You can access installed extensions by clicking on the Extensions icon and clicking on AutoSolve AI, and you can also pin it to your browser using the Pin icon.
  8. Clicking on the AutoSolve AI extension will prompt you to log in, and once you are logged in, you can let AutoSolve AI handle reCaptcha and hCaptcha challenges in your browser for you! 


Extension Controls

The AutoSolve AI extension has very limited settings. You can turn it off so that it does not interact with your Captcha Challenges, and you can log out of your account.

Updating AutoSolve AI Extension

Updates to the AutoSolve AI extension are easy and are done through the Toolbox with only one additional step in the browser.

  1. When there is an update available, the AutoSolve AI Extension will show that there is a pending update along with the warning triangle beside it. Press the update icon in the middle will begin to download the update.
  2. Once you finish downloading the update in the Toolbox, go to the extensions page chrome://extensions/ and press the refresh icon. It will update the AutoSolve AI extension with the latest version and will show reloaded in the bottom left.
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