Resell Manager - Getting Started Guide

What is Resell Manager?

Resell Manager is a tool within the AYCD Toolbox and it is the AIO Sales Manager, and Botting Tool. It contains a Sales Manager allowing you to Import and Manage your Sales History, Manage Fees and Expenses, as well as a Vault for Bot Keys and Passwords, and lastly as a way to track Orders and scan your Discord Webhooks for purchases.

General Usage:

Resell Manager is an application that focuses on helping you resell. Use the links below to jump to a specific section:

Sales | Tracker | Expenses | Vault 
You can select multiple icons allowing you to split the view for Resell Manager. Click to select a view, and then Shift + Click on another icon from the left side menu in order to split the view between the two options.


Sales View

The Listings tab for Resell Manager is an all in one Sales Manager. It contains a browser that allows you to import your StockX and GOAT Sales History to track and visualize your earnings, a built-in Fee Calculator, and the ability to track shipments and statuses right from within Resell Manager.

To start, you can manually add a new item or import listings and sales from one of the supported marketplaces, either StockX, GOAT or manually import your own listing and sales history.

Manually Adding an Item | StockX | GOAT | Importing From CSV | Listings | Fees | Analytics

Sales View: Manually Adding an Item

To add a new item that is not StockX click on File > Create and then fill out the required information, such as name, and retail price and then click Save in order to add the item.

Sales View: StockX 

To import sales from StockX, you will need to go to the StockX browser, the fourth tab on the left. This is where you can log in to your account in order to import your StockX account data to Resell Manager, as well as the ability to add an item you are browsing directly to your Sales Tracker.

Import Account Data:

  1. Login to your StockX account in the browser.
  2. Hit Options > Import Account Data.

Import Current Browsing Item:

  1. Use the StockX browser to find any item you want to import.
  2. Click on Options > Import Current Item.
  3. Complete the dialog by adding the information you need to for the item, such as the Item State, selling price, or any relevant tracking information.

Sales View: GOAT

GOAT is another marketplace supported by Resell Manager and is the final tab on the left. This is where you can log in to your GOAT account in order to Import your GOAT Account Data.

Import Account Data:

  1. Login to your GOAT account in the GOAT tab.
  2. Once you have logged into your account, click Sync Items to import the Account Data.
  3. Once the data has been imported, a dialog will appear notifying you whether your account data was successfully imported.

Sales View: Importing from CSV

If you would prefer to import the sales using the CSV file, you can download the format here and import it under the File button.

Importing from CSV:

  1. Under the Listings tab click File > Import.
  2. A dialog will appear, this specifies where the imported data will go, you can type in the field or select an already existing category.
  3. Once you click Save an explorer window will open, select the import and click Open to import the data.

Sales View: Listings View

Listings will show all of your imported items along with retail price, selling price, and other information. In case you don't want to see some columns, or want to see what other columns we have available you can click Options > Toggle Columns.


Sales View: Fees

The fees tab allows for quick and simple profit calculation while saving the calculations so that you can refer back to them in the future. To calculate the fees, click the Create button, then you can search for the product or manually input the name. Fill in the Retail Price and Selling Price, and at the bottom of the dialog, including any fees you may incur; such as transaction fees, payment processing fees, and sales tax.

Sales View: Analytics

This tab shows a chart of all your earnings. You can customize the chart by clicking the Chart Range and selecting from the drop-down to change the range of time shown.


The Expenses section allows you to record all expenses you may incur, ranging from proxy costs to inventory. Add a description to include order numbers and product information to record your expenses. 

New Expense | Analytics

Expenses View: New Expense


Resell Manager's Vault allows you to securely store Bot and Account Keys, Licenses, and custom fields of information for different bots or services. It supports you in creating, categorizing, and sorting your Vault items as well as uploading and setting custom photos for vault items, making them easy to identify.

New Vault Item 

To create a new Vault Item, click on File > New, and select an Item Type. After selecting a type, you will have the option to create or set an existing category and the name of the item you are storing. You will also have the option to set an image for your Vault item. After setting those options, the second half of the New Item dialog may have some additional information needed depending on the item you have chosen or you will have the option to create custom Property Names and Values. 

Once you hit Save, you will see your items appear in the Vault view.

In addition to adding and modifying Vault items, we also have options to Import and Export Vault items, enabling you to easily share keys with friends and edit functions to move, copy, and delete them.

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