What is OneClick - Getting Started Guide

OneClick is a tool provided by AYCD that allows you to generate activity and farm on your Google Accounts. It is considered the best farming tool available. Load your Google Accounts into OneClick, Assign Proxies, and Press Start, then let our automated Scheduling run your accounts effortlessly. In addition to this OneClick allows you to quickly change your account passwords, and recovery emails. All of this coupled with the power of AutoSolve. You'll never solve another captcha for an important drop again! 

Accounts | Account Tools | AutoSolve


Adding Accounts | Assigning Proxies | Running Accounts | Settings 

This is where almost everything takes place in OneClick. It is where you add accounts, assign proxies, and start the farming process. It is where you will start solvers for AutoSolve and where you will be able to solve Captchas when they come through from your Bots.

Adding Accounts 

The first step to getting started is adding your accounts to OneClick. When adding your accounts you have a few options. You can add them one at a time by clicking on File > New > Then filling out the fields and clicking on Save.

Security Answers and Recovery Emails are optional security measures. If your account does not have either measure implemented you leave the field blank.


Optionally you can import them in mass either by using the Copy and Paste format or by adding them to the CSV Import. The format for Copy and paste importing is below. The only required parts to adding the account are the Email and Password. Everything else can be skipped over.



If you would prefer to import them using the csv file you can download the format here and import it using the file import.

OneClick CSV Import Format


Assigning Proxies

Having proxies in OneClick is an important step in ensuring that each of your accounts is assigned a proxy. Having a proxy assigned is an essential part of running OneClick and generating trusted Google Accounts. In order to Assign Proxies to account you need to add them to OneClick. Proxies are added under the Proxies Heading and can be added using File > New. Click here to read more on Adding Proxies to OneClick.

To assign proxies to accounts you have two options. You can assign them all at once using the Assign Proxies button, or individually.

  1. In the Accounts tab on the right-hand side under Options, there is an Assign Proxies button. This will allow you to select a category of proxies to be applied to the accounts you have selected.
  2. If you want to assign a specific proxy to an account this can be done individually. You can use the right-click menu under Proxy > Set Proxy. You can also do this by double-clicking on the proxy column.

Running Accounts

After you have assigned proxies to an account you are ready to get started running your accounts and building up trust with them. OneClick has a lot of automation and intelligence built into it. This allows OneClick to determine how many accounts should run at the same time based on your computer specifications and to run and set accounts to take breaks, then automatically start them again after the break time is finished. This intelligence also allows OneClick to schedule account when you are running more accounts than your computer can safely run at once.

In order to start your accounts, you can use the Play Button icon on the account which will start it, or optionally you can use the Start > All under Options.

When you are running your accounts, there are some possible statuses that you could see.

Scheduled: This status will show on an account that is scheduled to run. OneClick will schedule an account if you are trying to run more accounts than your computer can run simultaneously or if you are trying to run more than 15 at the same time. When an available running slot has opened up for an account one of the scheduled accounts will begin running.

Taking a Break: This status will show after an account has run for a set amount of time. Accounts will take breaks for 3-8hrs before trying to run again. It is normal to see this status after an account is running and you do not need to stop and start the account as it will start again after a preset amount of time.


Click here to read more in-depth on Running Accounts, Scheduling & Taking a Break


The Settings section will allow you to customize the scripts as well as modify settings such as Sleeping overnight and discord webhooks. It also has options to restore from automated backups and to create backups to move your data to a different device.

Automatically Clear Browser Cache: This setting will allow you to save on disk space while using more data to farm the accounts. It should be enabled if you find that OneClick is using too much space on your hard drive.

Send Errors to Discord - This option sends any status messages to your Discord Webhook allowing you to receive notifications when your accounts encounter any errors. This is perfect for when you have OneClick on a server and you may not be monitoring account status. Examples of error messages include Connection Errors, Controller Errors, and Login Errors. 

Enable AutoSolve - This setting enables the AutoSolve section within OneClick and must be enabled before you can start your accounts as solvers. You must have an active AutoSolve subscription for this to work, you can read more about AutoSolve here.

Gmail: This script is disabled as default. When enabled it allows OneClick to read emails within the account inbox, this script should be left disabled if you often use the Gmail inbox, such as for order confirmations.

Newsletters: This script is disabled as default and will sign up your accounts for newsletters to increase activity. It is not recommended to have this script enabled if you have the accounts forwarded, or occasionally use them.

Clear All Cache Files: This is only recommended to be used if you need to remove all the data stored by OneClick in the browser cache. This will delete all cache files and sign you out of all the accounts, as such it is not recommended to click this if your accounts require 2FA to sign in.

Sleep Accounts at Night: This sets your accounts to sleep overnight, accounts will start sleeping from a random time between 8pm and Midnight, and then will start up again between 5am-9am. It is recommended to use the same timezone that the proxies are located in, for example, NA for US proxies and Europe for EU based proxies.

Discord Webhook: Input your Discord Webhook here, this will notify you of any errors the accounts may encounter during the farming process. Information regarding setting up a Discord Webhook can be found here.

Account Tools

The Account Tools button brings all of the Account related tools under one button giving options for setting up Email Forwarding, Mass Password Change, and Mass Recovery Email Change for accounts. 

Setup Email Forwarding | Mass Password Change | Mass Recovery Email Change

Mass Password Change 

The mass password change feature will allow you to quickly update the passwords of your Accounts. To use this feature you need to be on OneClick 2.0.0 or newer your Accounts default language must be set to English. To learn more about changing your account language click the link below.


To use the Mass Password Change you will need to select at least one account. In order to select multiple, you can either click on one account then hold Shift and Click on another account. This will select all of the accounts between the two accounts you have selected. You can also use CTRL + Click which will allow you to select multiple accounts. Lastly, you can use CTRL + A which will select all accounts in the category you are in. After you have selected the accounts whose passwords you want to change click on Account Tools > Mass Password Change > Select or All.


After that, a dialog will appear asking if you want a password to be chosen for you or if you would like to set one yourself, after that the 


Mass Recovery Email Change

The mass recovery email change feature will allow you to quickly update the recovery email of your Accounts. To use this feature ensure you are on OneClick 2.0.0 or newer and that your Accounts default language is set to English. To learn more about changing your account language click the link below.


To use the Mass Recovery Email Change you need to have selected one or more accounts. After selecting the account click on Account Tools > Mass Recovery Email Change > Selected/All


When changing the recovery email a dialog box will appear where you can enter multiple recovery emails if you have multiple accounts. Email addresses are separated by a new line, so make sure to press enter between each email. Optionally if you just want to remove the recovery email from your selected accounts just leave the text area empty.




AutoSolve is used within OneClick but requires a separate subscription in order to enable and use it. Using it allows you to connect OneClick with supported Bots in order to make OneClick your default Captcha Solver. Harnassing the power of your trusted accounts right from OneClick makes OneClick and AutoSolve a crucial combination. You can read more about the AutoSolve service by clicking here.

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