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OneClick is a tool provided by AYCD that allows you to generate activity and farm on your Google Accounts. It is considered the best farming tool available and has a suite of tools to make managing your accounts easy and efficient. Load your accounts into OneClick, assign proxies, press Start and let the automated scheduling run and sleep your accounts effortlessly. When you couple the power of OneClick with AutoSolve, you'll never solve another captcha again!

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Adding Accounts | Assigning Proxies | Running Accounts

The Accounts view is where you will spend the bulk of your time managing your accounts. It is where you add accounts, assign proxies, farm your accounts, manage them with account tools, and where you will be able to keep tabs on captchas when they come in from your bots or other programs.

Adding Accounts 

To begin, you should start adding your Accounts to OneClick. You can add them individually or use the import options we have to do so en mass. 


  1. From Accounts, click File > Add Account. This will open the New Account dialog.
  2. Add your account information to the dialog. 
    • Category: The Category the account is saved in. This can help you to differentiate between account sources, ages, scores, and more.
    • Email/Password: The Email and Password of your accounts.
    • Security Answer/Recovery Email: The Security Answers and Recovery Emails are optional security measures. If your account has neither measure implemented, leave the fields blank.
    • 2FA Secret: This is used to store your accounts 2-Factor Authentication Secret to automate login on your accounts. Click here to learn more about 2FA. (Link to 2FA guide)
  3. Once you are done, click on Create.

Mass Import

You can import your account using our CSV Import or the Copy and Paste format, which allows you to import multiple accounts simultaneously.

  1. Download a copy of the OneClick CSV Import format. 
  2. After adding your accounts to the CSV, go to Accounts in OneClick and click File > Import. Select the file location and click Import.


Optionally you can import them using the Copy and Paste format. The only required parts to adding the account are the Email and Password; the other parts are optional.



Assigning Proxies

Having a proxy assigned is crucial for running your accounts in OneClick and building up trust in your accounts. To assign proxies to your account, you need to add them to OneClick first. You can add proxies under the Proxies view, File > New. Learn more about Adding Proxies to OneClick.

To assign proxies to your accounts, you have two options. You can assign them all at once using proxies from a category or set them individually.

  1. There is an Assign Proxies button in the Accounts tab on the right-hand side under Options. This will allow you to select a category of proxies to apply to your selected accounts.
  2. If you want to assign a specific proxy to an account, this can be done individually. You can use the right-click menu under Proxy > Set Proxy. You can also do this by double-clicking on the proxy column.

Running Accounts

After assigning proxies to your accounts, you can start running them and building trust. OneClick has a lot of automation and intelligence built into it. OneClick automatically determines how many accounts should run simultaneously based on your computer specifications. Additionally, OneClick determines when the accounts should run, when to take a break, and then automatically start them again after the break time has finished. This intelligence also allows OneClick to schedule accounts when running more accounts than your computer can safely run at once.

In order to start your accounts, you can use the Play button icon on the account which will start it, or optionally you can use the Start > All under Options.

When you are running your accounts, there are some possible statuses that you could see.

Scheduled: This status will show on an account scheduled to run. When an available running slot has opened up for an account, one of the scheduled accounts will begin running. OneClick will schedule an account if you are trying to run more accounts than your computer can run simultaneously or if you are trying to run more than 15 at the same time.

Taking a Break: This status will show after an account has run for a set time. It is normal to see this status after an account is running, and you do not need to stop and start the account as it will start again after a preset amount of time. Accounts will take breaks for 3-8hrs before trying to run again.


Click here to read more in-depth on Running Accounts, Scheduling & Taking a Break


AutoSolve is used within OneClick but requires a separate subscription to enable and use it. Using it allows you to connect OneClick with supported bots in order to make OneClick your default Captcha Solver. Harnassing the power of your trusted accounts right from OneClick makes OneClick and AutoSolve a crucial combination. You can read more about the AutoSolve service by clicking here.

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