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AYCD Profile Converter is a one-stop hub allowing you to store and universally convert all of your Profiles, edit Spreadsheets, and generate Virtual Cards from several supported providers. The purpose of this guide is to explain the expressions available within the Profile Converter as well as provide examples of them in use.

Expressions allow you to control the types of jigs you use when creating profiles from Virtual Cards or even when editing existing profiles. While initially, some expressions can be confusing, once you read about them and begin to use them regularly, they can become powerful tools to elevate your profile creation.


Currently, Expressions can only be used from the Mass Edit/Jig dialog or the Create New Profiles dialog when creating new profiles from virtual cards.  In addition to these explanations and examples, there is a legend of available expressions that can be accessed by clicking on Available Expressions near the bottom of these dialogs. Along with the legend, there is a test expression field that allows you to test the result of your expression.


  • This expression will allow you to write a percent symbol into a field as we use % for expressions. If you just type one % it will not show up.


  • This expression will allow you to insert a specified number of random characters into the field you are using. This is great for adding letter jigs before or after an address or for anywhere you want to use a set of random characters.


  • This expression will allow you to insert a random number of characters between the specified range you have provided. This is great if you have a number of profiles and you want to vary the jig of letters before an address between 1 letter and 3 letters.

%c[Comma Separated Words]%:

  • This expression will allow you to insert a random word from a set you specify into a profile field. 

%fname% and %lname%:

  • These expressions will allow you to insert a random first name or last name into any field you specify. This is great for generating names of profiles or adding a name to an email address. Normally these expressions will generate a different name in each place on the billing but will become even more powerful when paired with the %var.[variable name]=[expression]% and %var.[variable name]% expressions as they allow you to use the same generated name in multiple fields such as a name and email field.


  • This expression is used to specify a random number of digits to be generated in the field you specify. This is great for generating a random Phone Number for the digits that follow a specific area code or for unit numbers.


  • This expression is used to specify a random number in between the min and max values you provide. This can be useful for setting a random unit number or for anywhere you want a random number within a specific range.

%n[Comma Separated Numbers]%:

  • This expression will allow you to insert a random number from the ones you specify in your profile field. 

%n[Starting Number]++%:

  • This expression allows you to insert a starting number that is increased by for each profile created. This is great for numbering your profiles when you are creating them or for use in other fields where you want the numbers to be used in succession. 

%var.[variable name]=[expression]% and %var.[variablename]%:

  • These expressions are used in conjunction with one another and with other expressions. They allow you to bind the value of an expression to a variable using %var.[variable name]=[expression]%. Then later you can reuse the result of that expression by using %var.[variablename]% in another field. This is great as instead of getting two separate values when you try to use %fname% in two places you can instead do in the name column then reuse that value by doing
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