Spoof - AutoCheckout BETA Guide (Supreme)

Spoof's AutoCheckout BETA is currently in a BETA period. There is a high chance that you will run into bugs or things that may not work as expected. We look forward to your testing and hearing your feedback as we continue to improve the AutoCheckout every week.

What is Spoof AutoCheckout?

Spoof by AYCD is a browser-based tool that allows you to spin up multiple unique browsers with support for proxies and the ability to Autofill on a number of websites. With this update, we will be introducing a new AutoCheckout mode to Spoof. This mode is focused on Supreme and brings the ability for the browser to automatically checkout items based on keywords that you provide to the Tool.

Creating a Task | Editing a Task | Scheduling and Running a Task | Create a Test Task

General Usage:

As mentioned, this feature is currently in an open BETA where we will be sharing it with all of you while we continue to work on and make improvements to the AutoCheckout mode for Supreme. This feature is accessed through Spoof and requires you to have an AutoSolve Subscription in order to use. 

Accessing AutoCheckout


After Downloading/Updating Spoof within the Toolbox, when you launch it, you will see the new AutoCheckout menu option. Before you are able to access and use it you will need to add an AutoSolve API Key to the settings in Spoof and save your settings.

After you have added an AutoSolve Bot API Key for Spoof into settings you will be able to click on AutoCheckoutWhen you click into it, there will be a prompt warning you of the Beta and that parts of the AutoCheckout may not be working quite yet. 

Creating a Task

Creating a task should be very straightforward, but has some requirements and steps you will need complete in order to create a task. First, in order to create a task, you will need some billings. You can add these in the Billings Tab. There are options to manually add billings, or you can click on Options to Import From Billing Converter. Next, while optional, it is recommended to have some proxies for your tasks. You can add proxies under the Proxies menu option. Lastly, you will need to have some knowledge of the product you are attempting to purchase; this will come in the form of Keywords. In order to create a task under the AutoCheckout Menu option, press on File > New. This will create the dialog below.


  • Billing Categories will allow you to select a category of billings to use on your Tasks.
  • Proxy Categories will allow you to select a category of proxies to assign to your tasks.
  • Monitor Delay is the delay between page refreshes during the drop.
  • Checkout Delay is the delay between filling out the checkout information and submitting the order.
  • Tasks Amount will allow you to set the number of tasks that get created from the information you are providing.
  • Store will allow you to specify the different Supreme Stores (Supreme US and Supreme EU)
  • Size will allow you to select the size for the item you are planning on going for. Optionally there is a setting that will allow Spoof AutoCheckout to select any size if your specified size is out of stock.
  • Keywords is a dialog box that allows you to set positive and negative keywords for the AutoCheckout system to be able to find your specified items. Keywords are separated by pressing enter in between entering words. After typing a keyword, press enter, which will turn the word blue or red, allowing for you to enter additional positive or negative keywords.
  • Shop Category allows you to specify the category of the Supreme Shop the item will appear in.
  • Color will allow you to specify a color for the item you are entering. You can only specify one color at the moment, and you can use the checkbox to specify a random color if the color you are going for is out of stock.

After you have finished filling out the information, you can press save in order for your tasks to be created.

Editing Tasks

You can edit a task by double-clicking on the task that gets created, allowing you to switch the billing, the proxy category, modify delays, keywords sizes etc.

Scheduling and Running Tasks 

After you have created a task there are two options to running your tasks Scheduling or Starting them outright. When using schedule after you click the schedule button a dialog will appear asking you to select Store, Date, Time, and time before the drop for the tasks to start. 


If it is close enough to the drop, or you are running a test task, you can just use the Start Selected or Start All button which will automatically start the task.


If you have scheduled tasks and you want to stop them, you will need to use the Unschedule button which will allow you to unscheduled tasks for a specific store that is chosen from the dropdown.


Create a Test Task

The best way to test Spoof AutoCheckout is by creating a test task for an item that is in stock using a Test, or Example Billing Profile. This will allow you to test the checkout process, but by using fake information, you will not be charged for the order, and it will fail due to being unable to charge the provided test card.

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