AYCD Toolbox - Getting Started Guide

What is Toolbox?

The AYCD Toolbox is the program that holds all of the AYCD Tools which is the most powerful set of tools in the botting industry. We use the Toolbox as a way to deliver updates and new applications as well as to deliver important announcements through the Toolboxes notification system. The Toolbox includes OneClick, Spoof, Billing Converter, BotManager, CookieGen, and ServerGen.

How to Download Toolbox  

To install the Toolbox you will first need to:

  1. Have an active subscription for the AYCD Toolbox or AYCD Pro. If you do not have one you can purchase one from our website here.
  2. Once you have an active subscription you will need to go to the account dashboard and press Download Toolbox.

If you use the Toolbox with macOS there can be some additional steps or issues you may have due to macOS privacy and security settings. You can read more about this and get help by viewing the guide we have here on using the AYCD Toolbox with macOS.

The toolbox will automatically provide updates to all of the applications once you have it downloaded so you will also be on the latest and greatest from AYCD.



Opening the Toolbox and Installing the Tools

When you launch the AYCD Toolbox after installing it you will be shown a log in screen. Login with your AYCD account here. After you login you will be greeted with our updated Toolbox view where you can click on Desktop Apps to see all of our applications. To download an update hover the application icon and click the download button. After you download an update the download button will instead show a play button allowing you to start each app.


Minimizing the Toolbox

When you minimize the Toolbox for the first time it will let you know that it minimizes to the system tray - the system tray depending on if you are on macOS or Windows is at the top or bottom of your screen. In either place you will see a small gear icon, clicking on that will allow you to reopen the toolbox.



Change the order of Desktop Apps

With this update of the Toolbox, you can now drag and reorder applications to set however you would like!


Running the Toolbox on a Smaller Screen?

For those who are using the Toolbox on a smaller screen, we have added a compact mode, to enable compact mode go to Settings and uncheck the Show Toolbox Logo and then click Save. This will remove the Logo on the top right giving you more space within the application to help with those on smaller screens.


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