AYCD Toolbox - Getting Started Guide


The AYCD Toolbox is used to access all of the AYCD Tools. The Toolbox allows you to get notified about and download updates to Tools like OneClick, Profile Builder, Spoof, Generator, Resell Manager, and Crypton.

Setup & Recommendations

  • You need an active subscription to the Toolbox, either through a Toolbox or Captcha Pass subscription.
  • If you use the Toolbox with macOS there can be some additional steps or issues you may have due to macOS privacy and security settings. You can read more about this and get help by viewing the guide we have here on using the AYCD Toolbox with macOS.

Installing the Toolbox

1. Go to the AYCD Account Dashboard.

2. Click on Download Toolbox.


3. Click the button in the dialog that matches the system you are on.


4. Click on the downloaded file, and follow the installation instructions. 

5. After the installation, you can click on the AYCD Toolbox file on your desktop. It will launch the Toolbox to a login screen. Log in with your AYCD Account Credentials.

6. After you log in, you will see the Toolbox View. Click on Desktop Apps from the left, and you can download updates by hovering over the application icon and clicking the download button. After you download an update, the download button will instead show a play button allowing you to start each app.


Minimizing the Toolbox

When you minimize the Toolbox for the first time, it will let you know that it minimizes the system tray - the system tray depending on if you are on macOS or Windows, is at the top or bottom of your screen. In either place, you will see a small gear icon; clicking on that will allow you to reopen the toolbox.



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