AutoSolve Companion Beta - FAQs

Below we have added some Frequently Asked Questions for AutoSolve Companion. Since it is a brand new app, there will be more and more FAQs added over time.

Q: What is the AutoSolve Companion App?

  • AutoSolve Companion is AYCD's mobile app. The app allows you to connect your Android or iOS device with AutoSolve/OneClick, giving you the power to redirect captcha requests to your mobile device or tablet.

Q: Where can I learn more about AutoSolve Companion and how to set it up?

  • The guide here has a comprehensive setup guide showing you how to set up the AutoSolve Companion app on iOS and Android devices.

Q: How many Solvers can we start up with the Companion App.

  • You can only have one solver per phone, but you can have as many phones active as you have companion keys. 

Q: Can I use the same Companion Key on multiple phones?

  • No, using the same Companion Key on multiple phones will not work, and you will run into issues as a result of doing so.

Q: Will the companion app work with Shopify Checkpoint?

  • No, the companion app will not work for Shopify Checkpoints. The companion app does not have proxy support, so it will not accept any requests with a proxy required. 

Q: How do I enable Companion Solver? 

  • In order to enable the Companion Solver, you will need to have created an AutoSolve Companion Key on the AutoSolve Dashboard, and AutoSolve will be disconnected. You cannot enable or disable the Companion Solver while your AutoSolve Status shows connected.

Q: Do my Google accounts automatically log in on the mobile app?

  • No, login of Google Accounts in the AutoSolve Companion is not automatic. You will need to click on the profile button and sign in manually from the Waiting to Solve screen. You can only be signed into one Google Account in the app at a time.

Q: Once I login to my Google Account from the app, will I need to do it again?

  • Yes, at the moment, login of your Google Account does not persist once you close the app or use the Home button on the solver screen. We are looking at adding the ability to persist logins in a future update.
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