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What is BotManager?

BotManager is a tool by AYCD in our Toolbox, and it is the AIO Sales Manager and Botting Tool. It contains an Earnings Tracker, Fee Calculator, Sales Analytics, Order Tracking, a Vault for Bot Keys and Passwords along with the ability to Generate and Manage VCCs, Billings, Accounts, Proxies and Scrape for Shopify Variants.

Generating Off-White Accounts:

In order to use Account Generator, there are a few things you will need to set up.

  • Have updated to BotManager 1.2.4 or newer.
  • Have created or imported your billings into BotManager already. You need to have at least a name and email address in order for Account Generator to generate the accounts. (You can jig one billing with a catchall if you have a catchall you would like to use)
  • Proxies are optional but can help avoid running into hCaptcha requests or getting banned.

The best way to import Billings is by using the Import From Billing Converter button under options in the billing tab. This will allow you to directly import your billings to BotManager. Optionally you can also export in the AYCD format from Billing Converter and then import that into BotManager.


While having the address is recommended in order to make the checkout process faster it is not required. You can create billings by providing only a First and Last name in addition to an email address. When generating it will put these accounts in a different category than the ones that created with an address.

Starting a Job:

To start a job you will need to go over to the account section. From here you can click on File > Generate Accounts. This will create a dialog asking you to select a store, set a Billing Category and optionally set a proxy category.


After that, you can press generate and it will start the job. When you start the job, if you have not set an AutoSolve API Key in settings you will see a dialog pop up exactly like the one below.


You can press Ok to bypass this dialog as AutoSolve is only required for stores that need ReCaptcha tokens in order to generate accounts. While it is possible to be required to solve an hCaptcha request for Off-White they do not happen very often. If you do get stuck with an hCaptcha request you will need to setup AutoSolve in BotManager in order to generate accounts.



Checking Your Generated Accounts

After your accounts have been created they will go to your accounts section. If you click on the address book icon below the generator tab on the left you will be taken to your accounts section. From here you can double click on your accounts in order to bring up a dialog with the email and password.


Exporting Accounts

At the moment we do not support any bot formats for exporting accounts too. At the moment you will be able to export them to a CSV and then transfer those into your bot format. To export go to File > Export > Select/All depending on which accounts you want to export.


After that, it will create a file window with your exported accounts for you to take and create the format that you need to import into the bots you are using.

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