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AutoSolve is the latest tool by AYCD, allowing you to connect OneClick with supported bots to make OneClick a default Captcha Solver. By connecting bots to OneClick, it becomes your Captcha solving hub - allowing for captcha challenges to be sent to OneClick and optionally to supported 3rd party solvers like 2Captcha, AntiCaptcha and CapMonster.

Phasma AIO AutoSolve Setup:

Before proceeding with the setup for Phasma AIO and AutoSolve it is required that you have read the AutoSolve - Getting Started Guide. Once you have read through the Getting Started Guide and you have AutoSolve is enabled you can proceed with the setup using the steps below.

  1. Launch OneClick and go to the AutoSolve menu option. From here you can use the Go To Dashboard button, or you can go to the website dashboard and access your AutoSolve Dashboard.Go_To_Dashboard.png
  2. From your dashboard get your AYCD Access Token by pressing copy under the AutoSolve Access Token, then you can paste that token into Phasma AIO in the AutoSolve field which can be found in the config.json under the AYCD Section.
  3. Next from the dashboard, you will need to create an AutoSolve Bot API Key for Phasma AIO, remember that you will need a different one for each bot. When selecting a name it is best to use the name of the bot so that you can easily identify it.
  4. Once you have created your API Key for Phasma AIO, use the copy button and it will copy your Bot API Key to your clipboard. Then add input into aycd_api_key.

  5. You are then required to add AutoSolve as the default provider, simply type 'aycd' into the default_provider field.default.png
  6. You will then need click Save so that AutoSolve is correctly implemented.

AutoSolve can also be integrated by using the inbuilt bot menu.

  1. Open the bot, after you have been verified type 3 and enter to select the Edit config.json.
  2. Once you have entered your license key, you will then have to navigate through the settings until you get to AYCD API, copy and paste your API Key into the Bot and then enter. 
  3. Then enter your Access Token and enter.
  4. Select AYCD as the default provider to utilise AutoSolve by typing aycd and enter.
  5. Once you have completed the above and enter you will be notified that the settings were successfully saved. 

Running Phasma AIO with AutoSolve:

Create your Phasma AIO tasks, once you have completed the above steps in settings there is nothing specific you need to do in order to use AutoSolve.

  1. Launch OneClick and go to the Accounts menu option. Right-click an account and Start AutoSolve, or click on Options > Start AutoSolve > All, to start up all your accounts as Solvers within the category.Start_AutoSolve.png
  2. Upon trying to start an account, you will be asked whether to skip Login Verification and if you wish to warm up the browser before becoming a Solver. The Automatic Google Account Login Verification verifies whether the account is logged into the browser. The Warm Up Browser With Some Activity warms up the browser by performing some activities in the browser before becoming the Solver, which includes watching YouTube and Google Searches. Click the Start button when you are ready to start your Solvers!2021-06-08_23_47_09-Window.png
  3. Then when you run your Phasma AIO tasks when there is a task that requires a captcha it will request it from your accounts in OneClick.
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