CookieGen - Getting Started Guide

What is CookieGen?

CookieGen is the latest tool by AYCD to join the Toolbox, and it is a tool that allows you to generate and export cookies in different bot formats for popular websites like Champs Sports, Dicks Sporting Goods, Eastbay, Finish line, Footaction, Footlocker, JD Sports, Kids Foot Locker, Size? and more to come.  

General Usage:

The primary purpose of CookieGen is to generate valid Cookies that you can use within bots. We also have functions that allow you to convert file formats for your Cookies to different bots directly. If you want to see the current list of Supported Bot Formats or Support Stores, please click here

Having Google Chrome installed is a requirement to use this program. If you do not have it installed when you go to generate Cookies, it will prompt you to install it.


The generator tab is where you will create jobs in order to generate Cookies. You can only have 10 jobs running at a time, if you exceed 10 jobs it will schedule the rest to start after the current jobs finish. 

Start a Job

  1. Click on Generator in the menu along the top.
  2. Click on File > Generate Cookies


Once you reach the Generate Cookies dialog there are a couple of options.


Category - This will allow you to create or select an existing category for your successfully generated cookies to go to. You can type in this box or use the dropdown to select a category.

Proxy Category - This will allow you to select a category of proxies to use for this job you are creating. You will need to have added proxies under the proxy menu in order to have this populate with categories.

Target Website - This is the option that allows you to select what site you want to generate for, this is a dropdown menu and as we add support for additional websites you will be able to find them here.

Quantity - This is the number of Cookies you would like to have CookieGen create. 

Allow generating on localhost - This option, when checked, will allow CookieGen to use your local IP to generate Cookies.

After you finish entering the information here, you can press Generate, and it will start the job.


As you run the Job it will start to add the Cookies to the Cookie menu.

Cancelling and Deleting Jobs

You can cancel or delete jobs from the Edit menu.



Under Cookies, you will see all of your successfully generated Cookies. Here they will be listed with the Store you generated them for, the time they were created and when they are set to expire. Under Cookies, you also have options for importing Cookies from supported bots and then exporting them to other bots, in addition to a quick convert feature. 


Importing Cookies

Importing Cookies allows you to add them to CookieGen for you to manage them and export them to other formats.

  1. Click on File and then Import.
  2. Create or select an existing category for your imported cookies to be added to.
  3. Select the format for the Cookies from the dropdown.
  4. Specify the website they are generated for.
  5. Lastly, use the paper icon on the right to select the file location of the imported Cookies. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste in the contents of the file under the Copy/Paste option but it is best to select the file. 

Exporting Cookies

In order to export your Cookies to a bot all you need to do is go to File > Export > Selected/All and then select a bot format to export to. After you select the format and press export a window will open with your cookie export.



Quick Convert

The quick convert feature allows you to quickly convert files from one format to another. To use quick convert go to Options > Quick Convert. 



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