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OneClick is primarily used to generate activity and trust in Google Accounts. This guide is here to inform you of the best practices for running OneClick and growing the trust of your accounts.

We have spent hundreds of hours over thousands of accounts to find these best practices and to ensure that the settings specified are optimal. 

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Account

Creating a trusted account is a careful process that involves building up history overtime on a good quality account. Trust is not something that happens in an instant or overnight. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Account is an important step you will need to take in order to have success in building that trust. Enabling 2FA is a process that cannot be automated and is something you will have to do manually. 2FA works best with the OneClick, as OneClick can automatically enter the One Time Passcode when logging into your account. I explain how to enable 2FA here, or you can read this article on it. 

Taking Care of Your IPs

Another step in this process is taking care of your IPs. We strongly recommend using proxies if you are farming more than two accounts at once.

It is not recommended to change your proxies frequently; it has been found that regularly swapping proxies can lead to a decrease in account trust. As a result, we recommend using the proxies for at least two weeks before changing them. There's no upper limit on how long you can use the proxies; however, we recommend swapping them every six months. It is strongly recommended to run one account per proxy and not double up, as untrusted/flagged accounts can cause all accounts using that proxy to lose trust or be reset.

Choosing The Correct Proxies

You'll want to use ISP/DC Proxies as they have no data limits. Running Residentials Proxies would become extremely expensive and provide no benefit as they usually rotate IPs every 15-30 minutes. We recommend the providers found in the #partner-captcha-proxies channel in the AYCD Toolbox Discord Server, as we have tested these proxies and have had great results.

Responsibly-Sourced Accounts

Ensuring that you have good quality accounts is an essential part of the process of gaining a trusted account. Creating accounts on your own without purchasing them is the best way to do that, but if you do need more accounts, ensuring that you are getting good quality ones is important. Once you do have your accounts, go through past emails and look for bans regarding spam, or check the Previous YouTube comments for comments related to spam. But the biggest deciders are where you have gotten the account from, and ensuring that you are running them on a Good IP. 

Avoid Excessive Testing Your Accounts 

Another important part of ensuring your accounts are trusted is to avoid excessively testing them. We have found that testing too much, and too often without a lot of activity can have a negative effect on your account. It is best to run for a week or more before doing any tests on the account, and when you do a test to avoid testing too much. We recommend testing every 3-7 days. 

Clear Your Account Security Checkups

Clearing Security Checkups are another valuable step you can take to increase the trust of your account. Sometimes these security events can be holding back your accounts and clearing them can increase the number of one-clicks that you see.

With the release of OneClick 2.6.0, we added the feature which automatically cleared Security Checkups. OneClick clears Recent Activity alerts, turns on Safe Browsing, clicks keep and clears the alert for email forwarding if applicable, and finally, will clear alerts about being logged to some old devices.

If you'd prefer to manually clear the alerts, you can clear them in your, there will be a square that says Security Checkup, or by visiting

OneClick Settings

Lately, it is important to ensure that you are leaving things to the default way they are set in the program. We have spent hundreds of hours over thousands of accounts verifying these settings and ensuring that they are the most optimal settings. Changing from the default settings to try to have the accounts run more often, or stopping the accounts after they go on break to start them up so that they get more activity can impact your accounts negatively. Gaining trust is a process, and it is not a process that you can rush through, it takes time, and spamming account activity is not going to make that process go faster.

Sleep at Night

If you are running a smaller number of accounts 24/7 we strongly recommend using the Sleep Accounts at Night feature, we have found this to be extremely beneficial to accounts. Sleep at Night will not allow any accounts to start after 22:00 and resume the regular schedule after 07:00 the next day. You can enable this option in the Settings section of OneClick, it is recommended to use the same timezone that the proxies are located in, for example, NA for US proxies and Europe for EU based proxies. Once you have selected the region click Save, and OneClick will restart. 

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