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Resell Manager is the latest tool by AYCD to join the Toolbox, and it is the AIO Sales Manager and Botting Tool. It contains a Listings Tracker, Fee Calculator, Sales Analytics, Order Tracking, and a Vault for Bot Keys and Passwords.

Sales View:

The Listings tab for Resell Manager is the all in one Sales Manager. It contains a StockX Browser that allows you to import your StockX Sales History to track and visualize your earnings, a built-in Fee Calculator and the ability to track shipments and statuses right from Resell Manager.

Sales View: StockX 

The first tab on the sales view menu to the left is StockX. This is where you can log in to your account in order to Import your StockX account Data, as well as the ability to add an item you are browsing directly to your Sales Tracker.

Import Account Data:

  1. Login to your StockX account in the browser.
  2. Hit Options > Import Account Data.

Import Current Item:

  1. Use the StockX browser to find any item you want to import.
  2. Click on Options > Import Current Item
  3. Complete the dialog adding the information you need to for the item such as the Item State, and selling price, or any relevant tracking information.

Importing from CSV:

If you would prefer to import the sales using the csv file you can download the format here and import it using the file import.
Resell Manager Sales Format


Sales View: Sales

Once you have imported your Account Data or added an Item using the Import Current Item option all of the items except those that have already been sold will appear in the sales section. If you want to add an item that is not available on StockX you can also do that in the sales view.

All Items



While in the Sales View you can Edit the Sales by clicking Edit > Edit, you can also Copy or Move the sales into different Categories from the Edit Menu.

New Item

To add a new item from a seller that is not StockX click on File > New and then fill out the required information in order to add the item.

Sales View: Fees


The Fees View allows you to instantly calculate Fees and Profit while saving calculations so that you can refer back to them in the future. 

  1. File > New
  2. A dialog box will appear, when you type in the Name field it will use the StockX Database to find the item you are calculating the fees for. 2020-04-12_19_50_07-.png
  3. Fill in the fields and Resell Manager will then calculate your totals for Profits and Fees.

Sales View: Earnings

The Earnings tab shows your sold items. It will breakdown what your most profitable sale was, where you paid the most fees and will also present your Total Earnings at the top. You can use the Options menu on the far right to edit what columns are visible.

Sales View: Analytics

This shows a chart of all your earnings. You can customize the Chart Range by clicking the Chart Range and selecting from the drop-down.

Sales View: Shipments

Shipments tracks all Sales from StockX. It includes Tracking Numbers and Item State to keep you regularly updated on where your item is located.



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