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Below we have added some Frequently Asked Questions for AutoSolve. Since it is a new service there will be more and more added to it overtime.

Q: What is AutoSolve?

  • AutoSolve is a service provided by AYCD that allows you to configure supported bots to send their Captcha Token requests to OneClick. In OneClick you can route them to your accounts or to third party services. AutoSolve is not an Automatic Solving Service, but a Captcha Hub that allows you to direct requests.

Q: What are the benefits of AutoSolve?

  • AutoSolve has several benefits, depending on your use case. First, it allows you to request Captcha tokens in the same browser you have been farming your Google Accounts. This means that your trust does not diminish as much as you are not transferring your Google Account to a new Browser. Another benefit of AutoSolve is being able to have Multiple bots request captchas from the same location. This means that if you have multiple bots, you do not need to have different solvers open, you can concentrate on one place. It also allows you to use the 3rd Party Solver services we have added.

Q: Can I run multiple Bots at the same time with AutoSolve? 

  • Yes you can connect multiple bots by providing each with a different Bot API Key. It is important that each Bot you have setup with AutoSolve uses a different API Key.

 Q: Can I have multiple instances of OneClick open with AutoSolve Enabled? 

  • Yes, it will evenly split the requests between all open and running instances of OneClick through a technique called Round Robin. What this means is it will split the requests one at a time evenly between all open and running copies of OneClick with Solvers.

Q: How many tasks can I run in my bot per Gmail?

  •  There is no set amount of tasks you are limited to run. It is good to stay in the range of 10-20 per Gmail but you can run as many as you'd like as once you run out of one-clicks the solvers will show up one at a time with the Captchas for you to solve and send back to your bots.

Q: My AutoSolve is Grayed out. What do I do?

  • If you have enabled AutoSolve in settings, and its status still shows as grayed out, that means you do not have an active subscription to AutoSolve. 

Q: Does AutoSolve Solve Captcha Puzzles for Me?

  • No, AutoSolve cannot solve captcha puzzles for you. It forwards the requests for your bot to your browsers in OneClick. Hopefully, it receives a one-click, but in the event, you have untrusted accounts, or in the event of Shopify Checkpoint, it will have you solve the Captcha puzzle to solve.

Q: Does AutoSolve work with Checkpoint Captchas?

  • No, currently the Checkpoint Solver is disabled, it is best to use the Checkpoint Solver in your bot at this time.

Q: Do I need to have a Toolbox Subscription in order to use AutoSolve?

  • Yes. Since AutoSolve requests go through OneClick without a Toolbox subscription you will be unable to use AutoSolve.

Q: Does Using AutoSolve Guarantee me a one-click?

  • No it does not. AutoSolve forwards requests from your bot to your accounts in OneClick and will request the token there. 

Q: Do I need to have Solvers open in my bot and OneClick to use AutoSolve?

  • No, you should not solve captcha requests in your bot and close any solvers that it opens as it can mess with the tokens being sent back from OneClick. You should be using the Solvers in OneClick.

Q: Can I run my Bot on one computer, and run AYCD in another?

  • Yes, AutoSolve does not need to be installed on the same machine as your bot and can be used separately. There will be a slight bit of latency between the devices, but it should be very minimal.

Q: I can't show my browsers for AutoSolve, are they all show up along the bottom?

  • You do not need to show your browsers. As long as AutoSolve is running the Solvers will only show themselves one at a time if there is a manual solve required. The only Solver that will show up automatically is a Shopify Checkpoint Solver. But keep in mind you should not be trying to show the Normal Solvers, they will show on their own when required. 

Q: How soon before a drop should I start AutoSolve?

  • You can start up AutoSolve 5-10 minutes before the drop. You just need to ensure you have enough time for all the Solvers to startup which will not be too long depending on the number of solvers you are starting. 
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