Resell Manager - Getting Started Guide

What is Resell Manager?

Resell Manager is the latest tool by AYCD to join the Toolbox, and it is the AIO Sales Manager and Botting Tool. It contains a Listings Tracker, Fee Calculator, Sales Analytics, Order Tracking, and a Vault for Bot Keys and Passwords.

General Usage:

Resell Manager is an application whose focus is on helping you resell. Use the links below to jump to a specific section.

Sales | Vault 
You can multi Select views allowing you to split the view for Resell Manager! Select a view, and then Shift + Click on another on from the left side menu in order to split the view between the two options.


Resell Manager's Vault allows you to securely store Bot and Account Keys, Licenses and Custom fields of information for different bots or services. It has support for creating, categorizing, and sorting of your Vault items as well as uploading and setting custom photos for vault items, making them easy to identify.

New Vault Item

To create a new Vault Item, click on File > New and select an Item Type. After selecting a type, you will have the option to create or set an existing category, the name of the item you are storing, and you will also have the option to set an image for your Vault item. After setting those options, the second half of the New Item dialog will have either some additional properties depending on the item you chose or the option to create custom Property Names and Values. 


Once you hit Save, you will see your items appear in the Vault view.


In addition to adding and modify Vault items, we also have options to Import and Export vault items enabling you to easily share keys with friends and also Edit functions to move, copy, and delete them.


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