BotManager - Getting Started Guide

What is BotManager?

BotManager is the latest tool by AYCD to join the Toolbox, and it is the AIO Sales Manager and Botting Tool. It contains an Earnings Tracker, Fee Calculator, Sales Analytics, Order Tracking, a Vault for Bot Keys and Passwords along with the ability to Generate and Manage VCCs, Billings, Accounts, Proxies and Scrape for Shopify Variants.

General Usage:

BotManager is a huge application with a lot of different options and ways to use it. There will be specific sections below on each Menu that will go into a bit more detail on options in each of the sections and how to use them. Use the links below to jump to a specific section.

Sales | Vault | Cards | Accounts | VariantsBilling | Proxies
You can multi Select views allowing you to split the view for BotManager! Select a view, and then Shift + Click on another on from the left side menu in order to split the view between the two options.


BotManager's Vault allows you to securely store Bot and Account Keys, Licenses and Custom fields of information for different bots or services. It has support for creating, categorizing, and sorting of your Vault items as well as uploading and setting custom photos for vault items, making them easy to identify.

New Vault Item

To create a new Vault Item, click on File > New and select an Item Type. After selecting a type, you will have the option to create or set an existing category, the name of the item you are storing, and you will also have the option to set an image for your Vault item. After setting those options, the second half of the New Item dialog will have either some additional properties depending on the item you chose or the option to create custom Property Names and Values. 


Once you hit Save, you will see your items appear in the Vault view.


In addition to adding and modify Vault items, we also have options to Import and Export vault items enabling you to easily share keys with friends and also Edit functions to move, copy and delete them.


BotManager's Cards view allows you to generate Privacy Cards as well as view and manage both your privacy and any other cards you add to the Cards section. The section is composed of a Privacy section allowing you to Import Existing Cards and Generate New Cards, a Cards view for the management of all your cards giving you options to add them to Billing Profiles along with a history of Transactions and Analytics view. To use the Privacy components of this you will need to create an account for Privacy here

Privacy View: Import & Generate

Within the Privacy section, you can log in to your account using the built-in browser. After logging in, you will be able to use the Options > Import All Cards. This option allows you to import all your existing Privacy Cards into BotManager. When you click on it, a dialog box will appear, asking you to select a category to import all your cards to. 

Next, we have the ability to Generate Privacy cards with BotManager by going to Options > Generate Cards. This will create a dialog asking you what category you would like the cards imported to, and then to select the number of cards to generate. Privacy Limits you to having no more than 12 Cards at one time, and you cannot generate more than 12 cards per day. Additionally, cards can only be used on one merchant before becoming locked to that merchant. That means that if you make a purchase on Adidas using that card that you will only be able to use that card to make purchases on Adidas and would not be able to buy something from Footlocker.

Cards View: Manage Cards

The Cards view is for managing your Credit Cards. If you imported your Privacy Cards or generated new ones, they would be imported into this menu option. Here we also have the option to add your own Credit Cards. The key feature of this section is being able to apply the cards you have created to billings you have within the Billings Tab. 

To add a Credit Card manually, you can click on File > New where you will be able to fill out the details on the card which will add it to the Cards view you are in. 

After you have a few Cards in your Cards view you will be able use the Add to Billings option under Options > Add To Billings. This will create a dialog allowing you to select what category in Billings you want to add your cards to.

Transactions View: View Privacy Transactions (Requires Privacy Import)

The transactions view allows you to view all transactions associated with your Privacy cards. It gives you the option to search through them with the search bar and to sort them by the categories.

Analytics View: Track Expenses (Requires Privacy Import)

The Analytics view allows you to track your expenses visually on a graph. 


BotManager's Accounts view allows you to create jobs to generate accounts for some of the supported stores. It contains two views, the first where you create Jobs for account generation and the second allowing you to view generated accounts.

Jobs View: 

To generate accounts with BotManager you will need to have imported billings from Billing Converter or added your own through the Billings menu option. Please note that the account creator will use the address information of the selected profiles to sign up for accounts where required.

Generate Accounts 

  1. Before setting up a Job ensure that you have connected BotManager to AutoSolve otherwise you will be unable to generate accounts. Click here to learn how to Setup AutoSolve
  2. Within the Accounts section click on the Generate New Accounts button.
  3. This will create a Dialog box where you can select a website to generate accounts for, the billings you would like to use and a proxy group in order to create those accounts. Then Click on Generate.
  4. This will start the Job for account generation. 

BotManager will then create the accounts and you can view the created accounts from the Accounts view.

Job Management 

When generating accounts, there are buttons to allow you to do the following:

Stop All Jobs: This will stop any and all jobs that you currently have running.

Delete All Jobs: This will delete all active or completed Jobs from the Jobs table.

Delete Job: This will delete the specific Job Category you are in if you have multiple Jobs running.

Stop Task: This will stop any selected Jobs from the Jobs View.

Accounts View:

This view allows you to see all of your generated accounts and manage accounts for different stores. Optionally if you already have accounts for these stores, you can import them into BotManager, making it your central account management tool. To Import an account click on File > New then select the Store and enter the account information for that store. You also have options to Import from a CSV or export to a CSV. 


BotManager's Variants view allows you to get variants for any Shopify item. To get the varients

  1. Put the link to the Shopify item you are looking for and press Get Variants.
  2. This will request the Variants and display when below, after that you can use the copy button in order to copy them into your bot.



The Billing section allows you to manage your billings to import and export between BotManager and Billing Converter. The key feature of billings is being able to add generated VCCs from the Cards View into billings you have imported into BotManager.

Add VCCs or Cards to my Billings:

  1. To do that you can go to Cards and Select the VCCs or Cards you have added Manually.
  2. Click on Options > Add To Billings.
  3. Select the Category in Billings that you want to have the cards replaced for. Make sure to check off 'Use billing name on card' if you want to have the names of your billings replaced as well.
  4. Click Add Cards


After you have pressed Add Cards it will apply the cards to your billings and you can then export them back over to the Billing Converter.


The Proxies section allows you to add proxies to BotManager to be used with Account Generation. It gives you the option to import and categorize them, test them and delete them.



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