Autofill Automatic Checkout (ACO) Getting Started Guide

What is ACO?

Autofill Automatic Checkout is a chrome extension that is designed to automate the process of checking out on various stores. It is available for members of AYCD Pro Only. 


To get started with Autofill, you will need to ensure that:

  • You are a member of AYCD Pro.
  • That you are using or have installed a Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome or Vivaldi.

With those requirements met, you can begin the installation process.

  1. Download AYCD Pro Autofill.
  2. Once you have downloaded the file you will need to unzip the entire folder. You can do this by right-clicking and pressing unzip/decompress/extract all. Extract it to a folder of your choice that is easy for you to find, this is usually a folder on your desktop.
  3. In your Chromium-based browser go to the following link chrome://extensions/
  4. Use the Toggle switch to turn on Developer Mode.
  5. On that same page chrome://extensions/ click on Load Unpacked and select the folder that you just extracted. Make sure that you do not click into the folder, but that you select the folder called AYCDProAutofill. 
  6. Once you add that it will load the extension and you should see the extension added to the list below and to your extension bar.
  7. Before you click the AYCD Autofill ACO logo in your extension bar you will be to be signed in to your AYCD Pro Account. Click the icon and you will be logged in. Remember to login you will need to have AYCD Pro.

Adding Profiles

Before we can begin to use Autofill for anything else, we will need to have a billing profile to use for the automated checkouts. To do this we have two options, we can add the billing manually, or we can import it from Billing Converter which is the preferred method.

  1. Click on the extension icon and click on the Settings Button and this will open to the Profiles Page. If you wanted to manually enter your billing information you can do that from here. 

The Billing Converter is a tool in the AYCDToolbox which is free to all Pro users. If you do not already have it downloaded I would recommend using some of the great things in our Toolbox. Learn More about the Toolbox.

  1. Use the Toolbox to open the Billing Converter.
  2. Select the billing you would like to use with autofill and click on file and export.
  3. Once exported you will have the option to open the file location. Here you can move it to your desktop if it is easier to find, or you can copy the path to the file to make importing it easier.
  4. Next head back over to your browser and import from the Billing Converter by selecting the icon next to Import from Billing Converter. 

You can also make changes and save changes to imported billings to make them unique to the Autofill extension.  

Options Page

The Settings page is used to configure the available options of the extension. It can be accessed from the Profiles Page using the '>>' icon in the bottom middle of the page.

The 'Options Page' allows you to configure and activates the Autofill on Stripe and Shopify. 

Each option has a specific function.

Stripe Autofill - Enables the Autofill to fill in the form.

Stripe ACO - Enables AutoCheckout.

Shopify Autofill - Enables Shopify Autofill to fill in the form.

Shopify Steps -  You will go through the steps Customer Information > Shipping > Payment

Shopify ACO - Enables the AutoCheckout, which will Autocheckout with the payment information.

PayPal - Click the PayPal Checkout, must have PayPal OneTouch enabled. Will only work when Shopify Autofill is enabled.

Captcha - AutoClicks the Captcha. Will only work when Shopify Autofill is enabled.


Using the Autofill

  1. First, you must select a saved billing profile from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select whether you wish the Autofill to be 'On' or 'Off'. It will then use the options you have enabled in the Options Page in the Settings.
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