AutoSolve - Getting Started Guide

What is AutoSolve?

AutoSolve is the latest tool by AYCD, allowing you to connect OneClick with supported bots to make OneClick a default Captcha Solver. By connecting bots to OneClick, it becomes your Captcha solving hub - allowing for captcha challenges to be sent to OneClick and optionally to supported 3rd party solvers like 2Captcha, AntiCaptcha, and CapMonster.

Wondering if you can use AutoSolve? Check the list of bots that support it here.

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To get started with AutoSolve, you will need to ensure you are on OneClick 1.34.1 or newer. To update to the latest version, please use the Check For Updates button in the Toolbox. If you are still unable to update, you may be using an outdated version of the Toolbox. Please download the latest version of the Toolbox from your account dashboard


OneClick Setup:

To access AutoSolve and begin using it there is some configuration in OneClick that needs to take place first. It will require you to turn AutoSolve on, as well as access the AutoSolve Dashboard. From there we will be able to get your Access Token, as well as create an API Key that your bot will require in order to connect with AutoSolve.

  1. To begin, launch OneClick from the Toolbox.
  2. In OneClick, use the menu to go to Settings. In Settings, enable AutoSolve and then click Save. Once you click on Save OneClick will prompt you to automatically restart.
  3. Once OneClick starts back up, the menu option for AutoSolve will appear, and you will also see some information along the very bottom of OneClick.
  4. Click on AutoSolve in the menu and then from the AutoSolve screen click on Go To Dashboard from the top right-hand corner. This is where you will get your Access Token and create an API Key for your bot to use. 

When I enable AutoSolve it is Still Grayed Out:

If after you have enabled AutoSolve in Settings it is still Grayed-out:

  1. Go to the dashboard and under the AutoSolve click on Dashboard.
  2. On the dashboard, click Reset Access Token.
  3. After that go back to the Toolbox and hit Exit.
  4. After that Startup the Toolbox again and it should not be grayed out.

AutoSolve Dashboard Setup:

In order to access your AutoSolve dashboard, you will need to go through OneClick, or through your AYCD Account Dashboard. If you have not already, ensure that the basic set up for OneClick above is completed first. From the AutoSolve dashboard, you will be able to get your Access Token and your AutoSolve API Key. You will need these in order to configure AutoSolve in a supported Bot.

  1. After using the Go To Dashboard button in OneClick, you should now be opened up to the AutoSolve dashboard in your web browser. At this point, you will want to have the Bot you are looking to implement open. 
  2. Use the Copy Access Token button in order to copy the Access Token to your clipboard and over to your bot. They will have a field for you to enter your Access Token into.
  3. Next, you will need to create an AutoSolve Bot API Key by clicking on the Create button. Once you hit create you will be prompted to set a name for the API Key so that you can easily identify it. It is best to use the name of the bot you plan on using it for. Please ensure you are using a different Key for each bot.
  4. Select your newly created API Key from the dropdown and click on the copy button and then paste it into the appropriate field for the AutoSolve API key of your bot.

Once you have completed the steps above along with adding the Access Token and AutoSolve API Bot Key into your bot the setup is complete. The last step is to turn on AutoSolve. You will need to turn your attention back to OneClick and use the Start AutoSolve button on some accounts to start them as solves.

Using AutoSolve with OneClick:

With OneClick and your Bot configured correctly there is only one more step left in the process to begin using OneClick as your Solver during drops. You will need to Connect OneClick to AutoSolve, by starting up some of your accounts as Solvers. To do this you will need to:

  1. Head over to the Accounts menu option and select the accounts you wish to use as Solvers. You can multi-select these accounts and start them by right-clicking, or use the Options button and click on the Start AutoSolve.
  2. It will ask you to select a Solver Type and this is where you can start up either normal solvers or a mix of solvers depending on what website you are running for. It is important to remember that Checkpoint Solvers will only ever receive Checkpoint Captchas which is used on Shopify Checkpoints and will not receive normal checkout captchas. You can read more about the Solver Types here.
  3. After you start the accounts with AutoSolve, they will start up the browsers, verify your login and then begin waiting for Token Requests from your bot. The status of the account will say Waiting to Solve (Solver Type), and the Status will show AutoSolve is enabled. Along the bottom, you will also see the number of Local Solvers you have enabled. When your bot requests a token it will have one of the browsers you have enabled request a token, and once it is received will send it back to the bot. 


Third-Party Solver Setup:

In addition to using OneClick as your solver, AutoSolve has added support to integrate third-party solver services, you can set these up in addition to OneClick. Once these are setup you will be able to activate, deactivate and prioritize which services you would like to use to solve captchas. You can learn more about Third-Party Solver Setup here.

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