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Running OneClick means that you are running an individual browser for each account that you have in OneClick. You may find that OneClick uses up a large amount of space on your hard drive, especially if OneClick has been running for a while. This occurs because each running browser caches various resources, which, in turn, helps with page load times. Occasionally, if you are working on a server or in an environment with a low amount of hard drive space, you will need to clear it.

Setup & Recommendations

  • It is essential to differentiate between browser cache and browser data. The browser cache includes browsing history and cookies but not your Google login session. Browser data encompasses everything and includes your Google login session. 
  • Browser cache is essential for fast ReCaptcha solve times; as such, it is recommended only to clear your browser cache when necessary.  
  • It is recommended to have your Automatic Cache Cleanup set to Partial or Disabled. 

Automatic Cache Cleanup

1. Navigate to the Accounts/Solvers section in OneClick under Settings

2. In the top-right of this section, you will find the Automatic Cache Cleanup option. Click on the drop-down arrow and select one of the options, which will be explained below.
Disabled - This option does not cleanup any of the browser cache; this optimises website load times but will use a large amount of storage space.
Partial - This option cleans the majority of the cache that you accumulate when running OneClick. However, some cache will be kept, especially if it drastically improves load times. 
Complete - This clears all the cache every time your accounts run. As a result, you will find websites take longer to load.
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3. We recommend setting Automatic Cache Cleanup to either Partial or Disabled.

4. Once you have selected an option, click Save

Cleanup Old Files

1. Navigate to the General section in OneClick under Settings.

2. On the right-hand side of this section, you will find the Cleanup Old Files option. 
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3. Click on the button and read the following warning. If you are happy, you can click Proceed to continue.
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4. Once you click proceed, OneClick will attempt to clear the old files. Once finished, a small dialog will appear stating how many files were successfully deleted. 
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Reset > Browser Data

1. Navigate to the Accounts/Solvers section in OneClick under Tasks. This section has an icon resembling a play button titled Accounts/Solvers.

2. Select the accounts for which you wish to reset the browser data.

3. Right-click on the accounts, and a drop-down menu will appear.

4. Click Reset> Browser Data from that dropdown menu, and OneClick will automatically clear the browser data for the selected task(s).
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