Generator - Types of Proxies

Generator is a tool provided by AYCD that allows you to generate Servers as well as Datacenter Proxies from providers such as, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Digital Ocean and other providers. While we do offer the generation of DC proxies through those various providers we also sell Residential proxies through our AYCD Residential Proxy Network. 

Type 1 - Datacenter User:Pass and IP Authenticated Proxies

User:Pass proxies are the most common type of DC proxy. They can be used by any person on any computer or network. As long as you have the Username and Password to the proxy you are able to authenticate yourself and use it. IP Authentication proxies are a less common form of DC proxy. These can only be used on the IP you have used to authenticate them. That means that only if you reside on the network using the IP you put in when generating the proxy will be able to access it. These proxies do not use a username and Password. 

Type 2 - Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies are proxies that are not from Data Centers and instead from residential IP blocks. These proxies are primarily used for tasks on bots, or manual tools such as Spoof as they are usually unbanned on a lot of sites. To learn more about the AYCD Residential Proxy Network, you can check out this section of Zendesk.


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