ServerGen - Generating DC Proxies

ServerGen makes it easy to generate Data Center (DC) proxies on providers such as Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Digital Ocean, Linode, and UpCloud. The proxies are perfect as last-minute proxies or for running restocks as in most cases, during actual drops, DCs will tend to be banned. If you want to learn more about our Residential Proxy Network click here.

Generating Proxies with ServerGen

Before you generate proxies you will need to make sure that you have added a provider account under the Provider tab. If you do not have an account already with one of our supported providers you can learn how to create one here. If you have not added your provider information to ServerGen you can do it by:

  1. Go to the Provider menu option.
  2. Click the Provider on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on New and then add the credentials then click save. 


Once you have a provider account added you can create a proxy using the steps below.

  1. Go to the Proxies menu option.
  2. From the Proxies section, you can press new, and a generate proxies window will pop forward.
  3. From here you will have an option to change providers. Along the left-hand side, you have options to select which account you’d like to use to create the proxies, or you can select multiple accounts to have proxies generated on.
  4. After selecting an account you can change the server type being used to generate the proxies, you have the option to create IP authenticated proxies instead of User:Pass proxies.
  5. At the bottom along the left side, you can set a category. If you don’t type a name down there or select one from the dropdown list it will automatically create one to keep things separate from prior creations.
  6. Along the bottom, you can enable the destory later feature which will allow you to set up how long you’d like the proxies to stay active before automatically destroying themselves. Even with this set, you can always destroy the proxy at any time.
  7. Lastly in the center, you will have the ability to set usernames and passwords, as well as choose the number of proxies you'd like to generate. To change the data you can double click into the respective box. Please remember that different providers have different limits. Check the ServerGen Zendesk section for guides on applying for limit increases from different providers.
  8. Once you are all set along the very bottom of you have options to create the proxies or cancel the operation. Once you press create give it a few minutes for your proxies to fully initialize then you are good to go!

You can learn more about how to manage your proxies here. 

Dropdown and Option Explanations and Labels


Creating a User:Pass Proxy


Creating an IP Authenticated Proxy




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