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Account Security and Password theft is a serious problem in the online space. Trying to ensure your accounts stay secure, and also remain accessible to you is imperative to being able to stay safe online.

The best way to make sure that you can stay secure online, even in the face of things like Data Breaches, is to use a different and randomly generated password for each of the online accounts that you create. This helps to ensure that even if there is a data breach and hackers get access to your password that they would not be able to use it to access any of your other online accounts.

Bitwarden is our officially recommended password manager and is completely free and open source. Bitwarden allows you to store your website credentials in an encrypted vault securely and then access them using a secure master password you set. You can access their desktop application on both Windows and macOS devices, they have a mobile app available on both iOS and Android, and they also have built-in browser extensions for numerous browsers.

Bitwarden has two versions. A free version that will remain free forever, which gives you access to all of Bitwarden and its apps. Meaning it will not limit the places you can install it, nor the number of passwords you can store. Bitwarden also gives you access to their secure password generator, which allows you to generate random passwords and automatically save those passwords for your accounts. The free version of Bitwarden is excellent and gives you access to the core and all of the amazing features at absolutely no cost.

If you want some added benefits to that package, Bitwarden Premium costs $10/year and comes with some great features. It includes 1GB of Encrypted file storage and, most importantly, has a built-in Authenticator allowing you to store your 2FA or Time-Based Authentication codes within your Bitwarden accounts! When you log in using Bitwarden it automatically will copy to clipboard your 2FA code allowing you to simply paste it into the field. This helps save you the hassle of having to go into additional applications like Google Authenticator to get your 2FA codes.

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