BotBrowser Drop Recommendations

Using BotBrowser for the first time can be slightly confusing, and you'll want to know how to use it to it's fullest potential which is what we are going to explain in this guide!

  • Ensure you are signed into Google, so you will get oneclicks on the browser.
  • Signed into Discord to use our fast monitors.
  • Signed into PayPal, so that if it is PayPal only you won't have any delays such as signing in. If you want to be safe check you are logged in four minutes before the drop.
  • Have a billing profile selected, and the autofill turned on, this enables you to purchase in under 1.5 seconds with good internet speed and no site delay, not only that, but there's no fumbling for cards, or waiting for Chrome to verify your card!
  • If the Power Icon next to your billing is GREEN, it will autocheckout/autofill once you get to the purchase page, be ready in case they do something to block it but you should be good.

With BotBrowser supporting Discord you can make use of the fastest available Twitter monitors. Use the following link to access the channel directly: Simply wait in Discord channel until the monitor picks up the restock, click the link in the Tweet or input the password to access the website. Add it to the cart and then use either the autofill or PayPal to pay.




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