Buying and Selling in Bot Mart


Bot Mart is a safe and convenient place to buy, sell, rent and trade bots, group invites and more. 

Buying in Bot Mart

  • Buying is open al all server members and is completely FREE. Simply browse WTS (Want to sell) channels and look for products you want. Bot Mart staff are friendly and there to help guide your purchases as well if you have any questions.

Selling or Trading

  • At Bot Mart customers safety is a top priority. Anyone looking to sell products must be properly vetted before being able to do so. This helps to protect both the buyer and seller. Some products may require you to join Bot Marts membership program which costs $1 a month while others will require you to be fully verified. To become a MEMBER, simply visit and link your discord and checkout on their site.
  • To become a VERIFIED seller, visit #join-bot-mart and follow the steps there to be successfully VERIFIED and ready to buy/sell/trade without restrictions!

For more information, you can contact Bot Mart using the links below.


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