BotBrowser Billings/Stores/Settings Guide

To get to the Settings Page you must click the 'Gear' in the top right, as shown below.


Once you have clicked the gear icon you will be directed to the 'Settings' page, which is shown below.


Selection Tabs


  • The Billings icon will take you to the profile page.
  • Stores icon takes you to a page where we have configured sites which you are able to click on and you will be redirected to.
  • Settings will open the settings page, which includes settings such as webhook and quick start shortcut.

Billings Tab


  • New - Opens a window to create new profiles/billings
  • Import - Imports a selected file 
  • Export - Exports the currently selected files
  • Delete - Deletes the selected files
  • Import From Billing Converter - Opens a pop to allow you to select categories to import from the billing converter

Stores Tab


Upon opening the Stores page it'll open the page which shows all supported sites. Once you click the selected store it will open a pop-up asking you if you wish to be redirected.


For example, once I clicked yes it took me to the Cybersole site, as shown below. From there you would have the billing profile selected and then you would use the autofill.


Settings Tab


  • Discord WebHook - enter your Discord WebHook to be notified when you successfully checkout
  • Show BotBrowser BETA in Discord - Displays BotBrowser as a game activity
  • Quick Start Shortcut - Allows you to set keybind to activate ACO.
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