BotBrowser Getting Started Guide


When launching Bot Browser you will be presented with the screen below.


  • Before you start anything you will want to sign into PayPal and Google, this will allow you to get oneclicks and stay signed in to PayPal in order to save time. To sign in simply click each respective icon and then enter your credentials and sign in.
  • It is likely that you will need to verify yourself, you may have enter 2FA code or receive an email notifying you of a new sign in. Do not be alarmed this is just because BotBrowser registers as a new device.

 The Top Right Icons


  • The Clipboard is to autofill that current site 
  • The on/off button will turn the Autofill/ACO on or off (green being active, red/orange being off)
  • The person icon will redirect you to either your PayPal or Gmail login.
  • The notification bell will show you PayPal notifications
  • The AYCD Logo on the right will lead you to your settings page where your billings, stores and other settings will be.   You can also import your billings from the billing converter.




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