How to use Location Spoof (iOS Only)

Spoof is a tool with a lot of versatility; it contains Browsers that can create unique browsing sessions that can be used freely or mirrored using Multi-Browser Contro. Spoof also contains AutoCheckout with support for SNKRS in addition to the SNKRS Activity Generator and a Location Spoofer for iOS devices.

You will need to meet some requirements to Spoof your device location. Please ensure you meet these requirements:

  • Have an iOS device with iOS 9 or newer. It is best to ensure you are not on a beta build of iOS, as we do not guarantee support for beta builds.
  • If you are using a Windows computer, you need to have iTunes installed. If you are using a Mac device, you should have the Music app installed already. If you do not already have iTunes installed, you can do so using the link here.
  • The computer you are using to spoof your location must be a local device in front of you. It cannot be a server or a computer that you connect to remotely since you will need to plug your iOS device directly into the computer running Spoof.
  • Unlock the Device. If your device is locked, Location Spoof will not be able to connect or make changes to your location.

Go to the Location view in Spoof. Spoof should show you a map you can move around and interact with. You will now want to plug your phone into your computer. There will be some additional steps to follow based on your machine type or version of iOS.

For macOS:

Not all of the steps shown may appear as below, but you will need to trust your computer on your iPhone, allowing Spoof to access your iPhone and vice versa.

  1. Go to Finder and find your connected device on the left-hand side.
  2. After clicking on the device, an image like the one below should show. You can click Trust to sync the computer with your iOS device.
  3. After hitting Trust, you will need to fill in your iOS device password through a prompt similar to this one, verifying and allowing the computer to access your device.

From here, your device should show up in Spoof. If it does not, you may need to restart Spoof.

For iOS 16 or newer:

Apple made some adjustments to Developer Mode in iOS 16 and newer, which require you to manually enable Developer Mode, and on Windows machines install some additional components before you can Spoof your device location successfully.

  1. Ensure your iOS device is plugged into your local machine and is trusted.
  2. (Windows Only) A prompt will be displayed asking you to install some additional components that are required before you can proceed to the next steps. Please do not close Spoof or interrupt this installation process, it can take up to 10 minutes complete.
  3. (Windows Only) After the installation is complete, you can close the dialog. If your iOS device does not appear in Spoof after the dialog has been closed, please unplug and plug it back in.
  4. After your iOS device is showing in Spoof, go to Settings on the device. Scroll down to Privacy & Security, then go down to Developer Mode. Click on that and Enable Developer Mode. It will prompt you to restart your device. 
  5. After you restart, you will receive a confirmation prompt to confirm that you want to Turn On Developer Mode before being asked to enter your passcode.

From here, your device should show up in Spoof. If it does not, you may need to restart Spoof.

Spoof Your Location:

To spoof your location, you must use the search bar available in the top right.


I will be spoofing my location to Chicago. After typing in my search term and pressing enter, the location came up.
You can also search by coordinates; they must contain a comma to be valid. For example: 34.072692, -118.344020.


Click the result you want to spoof to, and it will search for the location using google maps, once the search has completed spoof will place a marker of where it will spoof your device to.

In the top left, select the device you wish to spoof by clicking on it. Then click Spoof Device in the top right.


Spoof will then Spoof your location, as shown below.


To return to your normal location click 'Stop Spoofing'. However, your device's time may change when Spoofing your location, it will return to normal after approximately 15 minutes, or you can restart your device for it to update immediately.


If you have issues connecting your device to Spoof or are getting an error when you try, there are a few things that you can try to get things connected.

  • If you are using iOS 16.1.1 on an iPhone 14 then you will need to enable Airplane Mode in order to successfully Spoof your iOS device. You will also want to re-enable Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • The most important thing to remember is that your device needs to be unlocked. If your device is not unlocked when you connect it, you will get a message similar to this, or ERROR: Unable to retrieve device list!
  • The most common error occurs when you have not yet trusted the computer you are connected to. The first thing you can do to resolve this to open up iTunes and ensure that your device shows up there. This can help prompt the trust message to get your computer and device trusted. 
  • If you have tried all of the above steps, try to clear the trusted devices. You can do this while the iPhone is plugged into your computer by going to Settings on your iPhone, and there is a Developer Category. Inside of that, at the top, there is a Clear Trusted Computers. After you clear trusted computers, you will need to restart the device and connect your device to Spoof again. 
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