Buying or Selling AYCD

Bot Mart is a safe and convenient place to buy, sell, rent and trade bots, group invites and more. One of the bots that Bot Mart supports is the AYCD Toolbox, and if your subscription or lifetime copy is something you are looking to sell, we highly recommend doing it through Bot Mart.

When you sell AYCD through Bot Mart, we can ensure that:

  • The buyer is receiving a completely fresh account that is not tied to your email address or account.
  • This means that as the seller, you keep your account and just have the product removed from your account. Since the buyer is getting a fresh account, it also means that they will receive a fresh discord token, so you don't have to worry about making your discord part of the transaction.
  • None of your billing or past payments are tied to the account you are selling when sold in Bot Mart.
  • Transactions for AYCD subscriptions or lifetimes handled by an AYCD Owner or Admin, making it safe and secure.

Learn more about Buying and Sell in Bot Mart

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