OneClick - Email Forwarding and Troubleshooting

The automatic forwarding feature allows you to forward all Google Accounts to a singular Google Account all by the click of a button. It is perfect for your Raffle Bot needs!

To use the auto-forwarding feature added to Oneclick ensure you are on Oneclick 1.3.2 as it is not available in previous versions. Your gmails must be set to English or it won't work. Please use the link below to change your language settings:

We recommend to use gmails of at least a year old and to forward a maximum of 25 to a single account. Accounts made within six months and forwarded to the same gmail multiple times are more than likely to be suspended by Google. We highly recommend to use gmails that are over a year old, however, if you plan to use new gmails please proceed with caution.

Using Autoforwarding 

You can either select the accounts you want forwarding by using "CTRL" and right-clicking, if you want to forward all your gmails you can use the "All" option. Click the "Options" button to open the menu. Select "Setup Email Forwarding".


You will be greeted by a warning dialogue. Ensure you read the warning before proceeding.


You will then be asked to select an existing account from one of your profiles, all mail from the previously selected accounts will be forwarded to the account you choose now.


Oneclick will then sign into the selected profile and set up auto-forwarding, as well as a spam filter. Once it has completed and set up the automatic email forwarding, it will state whether it was successful or not in the 'Action Log' column. If you have the Discord Webhook feature set up, you will also receive notifications confirming whether the setup was successful or not.


AutoForwarding Troubleshooting

Sometimes the AutoForwarding process can fail. Below will be some examples:

  1. The Google Accounts aren't in English.
  2. The accounts are already forwarded.
  3. The Proxy is too slow, or Google is banned.
  4. A browser crashed during the process.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure the Google Accounts and the browser is in English.
  2. See below for a walkthrough on removing forwarding.
  3. Use fast Residential Proxies or use DC Proxies.
  4. Restart the browser, if that fails, restart the entire application.

How to remove an already forwarded account:

  1. Open the email account you are forwarding too, delete all of the emails relating to the actual forwarding of the accounts completely from that inbox.
  2. Go into some of the accounts you are forwarding to and hit the Gear Icon, then go to settings.2020-03-22_12_25_24-Inbox__364__-_crewethomas_gmail.com_-_Gmail.png
  3. In settings go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then hit remove email.
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