AYCD Toolbox and macOS

AYCD's Toolbox is a great tool that helps assist you with botting, and as you come to use, it will prove itself invaluable to you when it comes to drops. 

AYCD is compatible and can work with macOS. While we release a version for macOS it isn't officially fully supported by AYCD. On newer versions of macOS, the Toolbox applications run very well, but on some and especially older Macs and versions of macOS you can run into a lot of issues. So while we do not officially support it macOS, I wanted to detail several workarounds or solutions to bugs that some older versions of macOS can experience.

Cannot open the Installer

This issue is usually due to your computer Security & Privacy settings. This error is usually resolved by allowing downloads from Identified Developers. This can be done by going to System Preferences, clicking on Security & Privacy and adjusting the allow apps downloaded setting. Sometimes you will also have to allow the installer to be run from here.

If you do not find the option there you can also try to right-click and open the application using open from the right-click menu.


Cannot start OneClick

This error could be occurring for a number of reasons. Below there are a number of things you can check to try to resolve this issue.

  • Do you have the Java Runtime downloaded? This is a dependency in order to use the Toolbox applications.
  • Have you let the applications install completely? Sometimes with slower internet connections, the application can take much longer to download. Sometimes the entire update file is not downloaded, which prevents it from being able to install properly. Ensuring that you wait for the file to download fully will help ensure that the file can run properly.
  • If you did not let one of the applications install correctly you can uninstall it from the toolbox by right-clicking on the application and selecting Uninstall.

 No Mountable File System

This is one of the more common bugs experienced by older versions of macOS to learn more about troubleshooting that error click here.

If you are still having issues, we recommend looking at solutions that allow you to run Windows on your computers, such as Parallels and Bootcamp

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