AYCD is too large and zoomed in. It is taking up my screen.

Sometimes when you have a smaller monitor or a lower resolution display, some of the applications in the Toolbox can appear larger than your screen. This means that buttons to close or minimize that program are off the screen and cannot be clicked. While this can be frustrating, there is something that you can do to resolve this.

Pressing and holding alt and then space will create a dropdown, which will allow you to maximize AYCD and cause it to fill the screen, giving you access to the close, minimize and full-screen buttons again at the top.

After closing the application it will ask you if you want to save the new application size, which will ensure that the application opens back up again at the same size.26.png

  • Before alt + space where the buttons are off-screen
  • Pressing alt + space
  • After maximized


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