OneClick - Recommended Settings

OneClick by AYCD Recommended Settings Guide

The purpose of this guide will be to go over recommended running settings, it is separate from the Getting Started Guide, and that should be reviewed first if you are having trouble with using the application. This guide will contain best practice settings in our experience of building trust with your Google Accounts.

Account Related Best Practices:

There is a guide dedicated to Account Best Practices, to see more please click here.

Creating a Google Account that is trusted by reCaptcha is a careful process that involves building up history overtime with Google through interactions with their various services. While OneClick does a great job of building the required history there are a couple of things you can do to help it along its way to receiving One Clicks. The first thing you can do is ensuring that you secure your Google Account with two-factor authentication or 2FA. This process involves having Google request a secondary form of authentication be it by text, call or way of the Google Authenticator app. Instructions on how to setup 2FA can be found here. []

Another step you can take in order to increase your Google Accounts trust is by setting a recovery phone number and email address on your account. This can be done on your Google My Account page which can be found here. []

Running recommendations:

OneClick will run an auto-setup option which will tailor run and sleeping durations as well as the max amount of profiles running at a time based on your system configuration. It is recommended to leave those settings as is noting that you can only run one local account without an IP. 

Local/No Proxy: It is recommended not to run more than 2-3 accounts without a proxy and never more than 2 at a time.

Proxies: It is recommended to run proxies in a 1 proxy per account configuration (1:1) and to use DC proxies for running as they have no data limits. This will allow you to take the proxy with you to whatever bot you use that account with. Your ability to prepare multiple accounts at the same time will heavily depend on your system resources (CPU, RAM). If you have a system with lower system resources, it is recommended to start a few at a time and monitor your system usage in task manager.

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