Running Tasks

Once you have created tasks, you will be able to interact with your browsers. There are various buttons on the browsers tab of the program. When clicking on a button, you will be presented with the option to select ALL or select selected, in order to select a few tasks, hold CTRL and click the browsers you would like to be selected. 

  • Create: Creates tasks
  • Start: Starts tasks
  • Stop: Stops tasks
  • Delete: Deletes tasks


  • Delete Group: Deletes all the browser in the open group
  • Update Proxies: Updates selected or all browsers proxies
  • Change URL: Change’s the URL browsers are on


After creating tasks, you will notice each browser has 4 buttons. 

  • Play: This button starts the task
  • Eye: This button opens the task in a separate window, and also enlarges the browser making it easier to use
  • Clip Board: This button auto-fills selected billing profiles information
  • Hamburger Icon/ Action Menu: Reveals more option


  • Refresh: Refresh the currently selected browser
  • Clear Cookies: Clears the cookies of the selected browser
  • Edit: Brings up a menu to Edit multiple sections of the browser, such as Store, URL, Billing and Accounts.
  • Change Proxy: Changes proxy of the current browser
  • Stop: Stops the task
  • Delete: Deletes the task


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