Drop Day Recommendations

AYCD Drop Day Recommendations

This guide is meant to be a quick reminder of some of the procedures you should be taking for the best chance of success come drop day for your one clicks. One of the most important pieces for success is having your accounts at a point where they are getting one clicks. While your accounts may be getting one clicks in AYCD there are some important things to keep in mind.


Firstly, you should be running your accounts either on proxies or on the IP you plan on using for your bots for drop day. While it isn’t necessary, it helps maintain the trust level between where you are running and testing for one clicks and where you will be trying to use them. What this means is when you bring your Google account over to your bot’s harvester/solver it’s important that you are using the same proxy/IP in that solver that you use in AYCD as well.


Secondly, you should be looking to stop AYCD from running 1-2 hours before a drop. The main reason for this is that it is likely that AYCD and the bots’ harvester you are using almost certainly use different browsers. This is important because running two different browsers signed in at the same time doing different things is not as trustworthy as actions taking place in only one place. As an example, you wouldn’t want to be reading news articles on recent events in the world and trying to spam checkouts on Adidas’s website.


Following these guidelines should help you maintain the highest chance of keeping your one clicks when using your aycd accounts for drops.

We have been doing some testing that we would like to share with you to help you prep accounts that have not being seeing one clicks for drops. Roughly 12-16 hours before a drop test any accounts that do NOT have one clicks and solve the captcha you will likely receive. We have theorized and observed that doing this shows something that absolutely requires human activity. Based on some of our testing this has shown to give at least 1-2 one clicks on a good number of the accounts during a drop. Again, we recommend doing this around 12-16 hours before because it seems like Google would like you to attempt or at least solve some sort of challenge within 24 hours of a drop. 


This isn’t something that is definite, but something we have been testing and wanted to share with you. We do not recommend doing this with all your affected accounts, but to try a couple of accounts that have been struggling to get one clicks to see if you see any sort of change. This may not work for everyone but in our testing, we have seen enough of a change that it warranted sharing with all of you.

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