OneClick - How Do I Get One Clicks?

OneClick is primarily used to generate activity and trust in Google Accounts. This guide addresses the time it can take to generate one clicks or, how to generate more of them.

How long does it take to get One Clicks?

The time it takes to achieve OneClick status can vary based on a number of factors from the age of your account, to the trust based on activity, it has already built in the past, as well as the IP address you are using to run the account on. It could vary from 0 days to month, or could be longer. Don’t be concerned if you aren’t getting them right away. Google prioritizes network source over Google Account.
To know if you have a good IP you can test your proxies, to begin, make sure that you have proxies added to OneClick. To learn about adding proxies to OneClick click here
  1. Go to the Proxies view.
  2. Click on Options > Test Proxies and select ReCaptcha V3 from the drop-down and click on Run.

Achieving One Clicks

Through testing, we have found that a lot of older accounts that have been having trouble getting one clicks are likely to have been silently flagged by Google. This issue is most common with older accounts because they almost always do not have a very active history, could be stolen or are already simply silently flagged. While these older accounts may be silently flagged it does not mean that all older accounts cannot get one clicks or are just not trusted at all. There are still numerous users that are able to get one clicks on their older accounts. It is just far more likely that older accounts may have something wrong with them when compared to newer accounts.

How do I know if my Google Account is flagged?

To know if a Google Account could be silently flagged, a few criteria must be met:

  • Does not get one click
  • reCaptcha V3 score of 0.7 or 0.9.
  • Running for 12+ hours a day for longer than a month.
  • Solving every reCaptcha challenge you receive when testing.
  • Ran on at least 2 different IP addresses for at least 2 weeks.
  • The account is older than 6 months

If all the above criteria are met then the account is likely to be silently flagged. 

We have found that the best accounts are the ones that are not too old. We recommend when purchasing Google Accounts that you look to purchase accounts from 2015 – 2018. These accounts tend to come with a decent amount of history and activity. One of the most important things that people forget to do is to keep accounts running in AYCD even after you get one clicks. It is critical to maintain activity on those accounts to not only keep getting one clicks, but get even more in the future. Having trusted Google Accounts are incredibly important for any hyped release, so it is worth investing the time and energy into getting them and maintaining them.

To generate and maintain One Clicks we have found it ideal to test every 2 days, this will not only maintain activity but maintain human activity which is essential for the generation of one clicks. You can find out more about testing your accounts in this guide.

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