How can I import Profiles from a Google Form or Google Sheet?

This form is meant for those who run slots for Drops. When accepting slots you can customize the form as much as you want. OneClick will only pick up the Profile fields from the form. Ensure you do not delete any of the preset fields on the form. 

Example Template Links: 

Google Form Template (Please DM Stealthy#0001 to Request Access)

Google Sheet Template

As the Public Google Form is disabled it is recommended that you make your own copy of the form once you get a copy of it.  

When given the link you will be able to make an initial copy.


After that make another copy of the document that you can Favorite and store in your own Google Drive making it easier to create Profile Forms for yourself.



When you are ready to import the Google Form or Sheet into Profile Builder, download the Google Form or Sheet as a CSV file.


Then press the import button in Profile Builder and select GoogleForm/Sheet. 



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