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Status Message


Testing One Click

This means the application is in the process of testing to see if it gets a one click or a puzzle.

Verifying Account

This appears when verifying that your account is logged in from a previous session and does not need to relog.


This means that the profile has been scheduled to run, but has no run yet. You are limited to only 2 local account without using proxies by default.

Taking a Break

This means that the profile has already run and is taking a break waiting to begin again.

BrowserError! Retrying..

There was an error with the browser. If it does not resolve itself or goes into taking a break right away please restart the application to resolve this error.

One Click Failed

This means that the last time the application tested for one click it received a captcha puzzle instead of a one click.

One Click Error

This means a browser error occurred while trying to test for oneclick. Please check your proxies or restart the application.

Two Factor Detected

This means that you will need to fill out your accounts 2 factor authentication.

Proxy Error

Please check your proxies. This is caused by the proxy dropping connection to the proxy server.

Connection Error

This error will occur if the proxy can connect but can’t deliver data. We suggest restarting the application or getting in contact with your proxy provider.

Solve ReCaptcha

This message will appear if you have tested for one clicks and have received a captcha puzzle that you need to solve.

Youtube Account Banned

If you get this message please verify that your account is banned manually in the browser. If it is, it could take longer time to get oneclicks and is likely silently flagged.

No Script Available

This error will occur if you have toggled all the Google Scripts off in either settings or under the accounts advanced settings.

Controller Error

An error occured with this task, it will automatically fix itself after taking a short break. 

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