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OneClick is the most powerful tool available when it comes to creating Trusted Google Accounts. It will automatically schedule and run your accounts to ensure every account gets the perfect amount of time running and resting.

Setup & Recommendations

  • It is recommended to use proxies if you are farming more than two accounts.
  • We recommend against altering the run and sleep times, these have been determined to be optimal after testing across thousands of accounts.
  • OneClick will determine how many accounts would be the most stable amount to run based on your computer's available memory and CPU cores.
  • Some accounts will begin to log in right away while other accounts may go to a Scheduled status. This status means that they will begin when the currently running accounts go to "Taking a Break". OneClick will automatically manage this schedule for all accounts without any interference from you so you do not need to worry about manually starting accounts, or restarting accounts. 

Running Your Accounts

1. Navigate over to the Accounts section of OneClick. 

2. Select the accounts which you would like to start farming.

3. Click Options, then click Start Farming, or, right-click on an account and click Start Farming. This will then start the login process.



Scheduled Accounts

"Scheduled" is a perfectly normal status. The number of scheduled accounts depends on how many accounts you have set to run, or how many accounts OneClick has determined to be safe. 

If you find you only have 2 accounts running at once, then it could be due to two reasons.

  1. You do not have proxies assigned to your account. OneClick will only run 2 accounts without Proxies to prevent the program from running too many accounts on the same IP. It is recommended that you run OneClick with DC proxies. You can find out more about proxies here.
  2. If you already have proxies assigned but it is still only running 2 accounts at the same time then this could be because your computer has low ram or CPU. If this is the case then the system determined it would reduce the stability of the application if more accounts are running concurrently.

The important thing to remember is that all of your accounts will run regardless, they will begin once the currently running accounts go to take a break. If you really do want more accounts to be running concurrently then we would recommend looking into running on a server or upgrading your computer.


Stopping Your Tasks / Taking a Break

1. Navigate over to the Accounts section of OneClick. 

2. Select the accounts which you would like to stop farming.

3. Click Options, then click Stop, this will then start the login process. Or, right-click on an account and click Stop.

Having your accounts take a break while running is an important part of creating a Trusted Account. If your accounts are running 24/7 it will have extremely negative effects. This is why the scheduling system is so important, OneClick will have your accounts running for between 20 minutes to 60 minutes then it will take a break for between 3 and 8 hours. This helps to create a realistic amount of activity, and after rigorous testing, this is what we have found produces the best balance, and is best for one-click generation. 

It is common for the 'Action Log' to state 'Taking a break' however it is highly likely that the accounts will have run. If you are concerned about account activity you can check the account.  To do this you can right-click on an account and view the action log of the account to see its past activities. 

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