Adding an Account

When opening up OneClick, the first thing you will want to do is look at adding an account. To do this, click on the “File” and then the “New” button. This will create a dialogue box for your account creation. This dialogue box is displayed in the graphic below and will allow you to enter your Google account email address, password as well as a security answer and or recovery email address. Below are some additional settings that can all be left off.

Security Answers and Recovery Emails are optional security measures. If your account does not have either measure implemented you leave the field blank.



Mass Import

Accounts can also be added by using the Import button, this will allow you to import multiple accounts at once. There are 2 import methods we support.

One method is clicking on “File” and then the “Import” button and selecting copy paste from the two options. This will allow you to import everything as well as attach a proxy to the account from there. Each bit of information is separated by 3 :’s


You must separate each account by pressing enter and entering the next accounts information on a new line. Here you can also re-import exported accounts. 

When importing accounts you may find that the accounts do not have security answers or require proxies, to import the accounts without such information you can simply leave it blank. For example:




Alternative Method 

Another method is to import via a csv file. An example of our CSV import format can be found below:

OneClick CSV Import Format


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