The proxies section is used to store your proxies which connect to your tasks. You can choose to run tasks with or without proxies, proxies are recommended when running more than 3-4 tasks on websites, although with some sites it is not mandatory. 


On the left hand-side there is a column that consists of all created categories. The 'All' category includes proxies from all categories whereas each individual category will show the proxies in that category.

To create a new proxy list, press the new button on the proxies tab. A menu will pop up which allows you to name your proxy list as well as input your proxies. Both user:pass and IP Auth proxies work in Spoof.



After importing your proxies, you can test your proxies with the “Test All” button. The drop-down to the right of it will allow you to choose a site you wish to test on.

The “Test Direct Connection Button” tests your local IP Address.



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