Welcome to AYCD's new ticket system powered by Zendesk. 

We have moved away from using Discord based ticket systems and will now be providing support through helpdesk software. Since we know a lot of you have not used Zendesk we wanted to provide a quick guide to help with creating and checking the status of your ticket.

  1. Click this link to access all of our guides. Ensure that you search for your issue before submitting a ticket. Before making a ticket you will want to sign in to your account. 
  2. Once you have logged in you will be redirected to the Help Centre, click Submit a request in the top right.
  3. On the Submit a request page you will need to fill out the necessary information such as the Subject, and Description of your issue. You can also provide any additional screenshots or log files that you believe may help describe your issue.
  4. To view the status of an active ticket you can click the My activities by clicking the arrow next to your user in the top-right.
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