OneClick - Testing ReCaptcha

Through testing, we have found it best to test every 2 days for one-clicks. We recommend using "ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox" for testing. If the accounts fail the test it allows for further human activity by solving the captchas. You can also test your account scores with ReCaptcha V3 Score, this shows the quality of the proxy and the account.

All of these tests can be found by selecting the "Test ReCaptcha" button that can be found under the "Options" menu.


You can also right-click on the account and choose "Test ReCaptcha" from the context menu. Below you can find a screenshot highlighting the 'Testing ReCaptcha' icons.2020-03-22_11_52_06-OneClick_x_Crewie_v1.34.1.png

When you click the 'Test ReCaptcha' the following dropdown will appear.


The meaning of the tests are below:

  • ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox is used at Shipping and Order confirms and is the more widely used version of ReCaptcha.
  • ReCaptcha V2 Invisible is used by Supreme and some other websites but is less used compared to the Checkbox Method.
  • ReCaptcha V3 Score is used in Splash on websites like Yeezy Supply and Adidas.

It is important to note that ReCaptcha V3 Scores tend to fluctuate frequently. They are not a good indication of one-clicks. If you want to test and see if you have one-clicks we recommend using either ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox or ReCaptcha V2 Invisible.

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