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One of the most critical farming activities is testing your accounts, which is often the last step you must perform to achieve one-clicks. OneClick offers the ability to manually or automatically test your accounts.

Setup & Recommendations

  • You should use one unique ISP/DC proxy for each account. Learn more about adding and assigning proxies to Accounts here.
  • We recommend the practices found in the Best Practices guide, which you can read about here.
  • We have found it best to test the accounts every 3-7 days. The Captcha Test Setup dialog has two available tests; the meaning of each is below.
    • ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox is used by Shopify sites and is the more widely used version of ReCaptcha.
    • ReCaptcha V3 Score is used in splash releases on websites such as Yeezy Supply and Adidas.
  • It is important to note that ReCaptcha V3 Scores tend to fluctuate frequently, so they are not a good indication of one-clicks. If you want to test and see if you have one-clicks, we recommend using the ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox test.

Manually Testing

1. Navigate to the Accounts/Solvers section in OneClick under Tasks. When you hover over it, the section icon looks like a play button titled Account/Solvers.

2. Select the accounts you wish to test. Then click on Options, or right-click on an account from either drop-down menu and select Test ReCaptcha.
2024-05-17 14_01_37-OneClick v3.4.2.png

3. Read the ReCaptcha Test Warning dialog, and if you'd like to proceed, click Yes.

4. In the following dialog, select the Captcha Version you'd like to test. We recommend selecting the ReCaptcha v2 Checkbox option and then clicking Start.

5. The browser will load and test your account. If you do not one-click the challenge, we strongly recommend solving it. The action log will update you on whether you one-clicked the challenge or whether it failed.

Automatically test ReCaptcha

To Automatically test ReCaptcha while farming your accounts, you need to have an AutoSolve AI subscription. OneClick will automatically test your accounts for one-clicks using the ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox test and ReCaptcha V3 scores using the tester.

1. Navigate to the Settings section in OneClick and click AutoSolve | AI on the left side.
2024-05-17 14_11_22-OneClick v3.4.2.png

2. Enable the checkbox next to Automatically test ReCaptcha while farming and click Save.

3. OneClick will then automatically test your accounts when required.

4. You can check when your accounts were tested by clicking on the Solve Speed result under Tasks > Accounts/Solvers.
2024-05-17 14_14_04-OneClick v3.4.2.png

Testing Proxy V3 Score

Testing your proxies without an account assigned allows you to see the proxy's quality. To begin, make sure that you have proxies added to OneClick. To learn about adding proxies to OneClick, click here.

1. Navigate to the Proxies section in OneClick.

2. Select the proxies you want to test, then click Options > Test Proxies.
2024-05-17 14_18_33-OneClick v3.4.2.png

3. From the following dialog, select ReCaptcha v3 Score and click Run.

4. In the background, OneClick will start a browser and test the proxy. The score will be shown in the Page Load (ms) column.
2024-05-17 14_21_25-OneClick v3.4.2.png

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