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One of the most critical farming activities is testing your accounts; testing your accounts is often the last step you must perform to achieve one-clicks. OneClick offers the ability to manually test or automatically test your accounts. 

Manually Testing | Automatic Testing | Testing Proxy V3 Score 

Manually Testing

We have found it best to test every 3-7 days for one-clicks. We recommend using the "ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox" fortesting, as this is the most challenging and accurate testIf accounts fail a test, a challenge will appear to be solved. It's important to solve these challenges since leaving them unsolved can negatively impact the standing of the account. If you have a subscription to AutoSolve AI, then AutoSolve AI can solve the failed one-click prompts. 

  1. To start, you need to select Testing ReCaptcha from either the Options dropdown or by right-clicking on an account and selecting Test ReCaptcha.
  2. In the Captcha Test Setup dialog, there are three available tests; the meaning of each test can be found below. 
    • ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox is used by Shopify sites and is the more widely used version of ReCaptcha.

    • ReCaptcha V2 Invisible is used by Footsites, via Queue-it, and other websites but is less used than the Checkbox test.

    • ReCaptcha V3 Score is used in splash releases on websites such as Yeezy Supply and Adidas.

  3. Once you have selected a test click Start, OneClick will test the account and update the OneClick or Score column

It is important to note that ReCaptcha V3 Scores tend to fluctuate frequently. They are not a good indication of one-clicks. If you want to test and see if you have one-clicks, we recommend using the ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox test.

Automated Testing

The ability for OneClick to test your accounts automatically is now offered in OneClick 2.6.0 or newer. In order to use this feature, you need to have an AutoSolve AI subscription as well as the Toolbox and AutoSolve or Pro subscriptions. OneClick will automatically test your accounts for one-clicks using the ReCaptcha V2 Checkbox test and ReCaptcha V3 scores using tester every 3-4 days.

  1. Open OneClick and go to the Settings view.
  2. Enable Automatically Test ReCaptcha and press Save. With Automatically Test ReCaptcha enabled, OneClick will begin to test the accounts during the farming schedule and 3-4 days after the most recent test. 

Testing Proxy V3 Score

You can also test the ReCaptcha V3 score of your proxies from the proxies view. Testing the proxies themselves will help show the proxy's quality without an account. To begin, make sure that you have proxies added to OneClick. To learn about adding proxies to OneClick click here

  1. Go to the Proxies view.
  2. Click on Options > Test Proxies and select ReCaptcha V3 from the drop-down and click on Run.


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